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Online Homeopathy Consultation

Homeopathic treatment through online consultation platform

No tall claims, no excessive promotion, just an old style doctor consultation, through state-of-art online treatment platform, that help you recover completely, safely and quickly.

Welcome to the online consultation & treatment platform of Welling Clinic, the internationally awarded clinic for quality in healthcare. Now get the benefits of our tried and tested Homeopathy treatment protocols for your health problems.

Getting dedicated senior Homeopathic consultants for your online treatments, makes all the difference between getting cured and suffering any more. At Welling clinic, we have mastered the techninque of offering online consultation and homeopathy treatment to any part of the world through our state-of-art treatment platform.

With an experience of 14 years in the practice of authentic Homeopathy, we try to  deliver the most authentic experience of getting treated through our homeopathic clinics in Mumbai. This service is supported by Welling Healthcare Private Limited, an ISO-9002 company.

Treatment that is most effective and also far more cost-effective.

Indian Residents Rest of the World
Monthly Treatment  Rs.2,500   Not Available
6 Months Treatment Program  Rs.9,000  US$ 230
12 Months Treatment Program  Rs.15,000  US$ 450

15 Years, 120+ countries, 50,000 + satisfied patients and counting.

We have built an online platform with the cutting edge technology and multi-layered security to replicate the same experience that a patient gets when visiting Welling Clinic in Mumbai. Our team of doctor will deliver the same quality online,  for which we have won accolades internationally especially the prestigious quality management award in International Quality Convention, Geneva for 2012.

We have developed the Homeopathy treatment processes that take the efficacy of Homeopathy treatment for general and complicated illnesses a notch above all the traditional clinics and conventional treatments.

Our intention is to make the process of taking our Homeopathic treatment easy and comfortable.
Online Homeopathy Welling Clinic

Welling Clinic is an award-winning, premium Homeopathic clinic in Mumbai, supported by Welling Healthcare Private Limited. The interactive and effective use of online technology, multi-layered security and world wide delivery of Homeopathy medications through our headquarters in Mumbai has helped us deliver the goodness of traditional Homeopathy combined with the latest break-through in clinical science to every corner of the world.

You can trust on us.

Register for our treatment and receive medications at your doorstep:

Step 1. Fill in the online registration form below.
Step 2. Make the payment as applicable ( see below ).
Step 3. Fill in the detailed Pre-treatment analysis form specially designed to customize our treatment protocol for you.
Step 4. Receive your customized medicine as per the Welling Treatment Protocol, by special post delivery anywhere in the world.

There is no hidden costs. Our treatment cost includes senior doctor consultation,a team of homeopathic consultants to regularly check your progress to recovery, medication for the number of months you register for, packing & postage and option to consult through all available communication modes anytime you wish and expect a reply within 8 hours on all week days.

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