7 Warning Signs That You Have Fibroids

Studies have shown that one in four women in India experience some symptoms of fibroids in their lifetime. And women have to go through the trouble without knowing that its due to fibroids and that there is a permanent solution for fibroids without surgery at Welling Homeopathy Clinics. The treatment is a specially formulated Homeopathy treatment for fibroids that have been effective for women age group 16 years to 86 years at Welling Clinics for the last 16 years.

Every day, many women are plagued by painful periods, excessive bleeding, or frequent urination. These symptoms may seem to have no relief. But what some of these women do not know is that they are suffering from fibroids or myomas.

Warning Signs That You Have Fibroids

7 Warning Signs That You Have Fibroids 1Bladder Issues

Fibroids can cause a variety of unpleasant, life-disrupting urinary symptoms for women, such as bladder frequency, urgency and the need to urinate during the night

Myomas that grow on the outside wall of the uterus near the bladder can press against it, causing pressure that will lead to more frequent visits to the toilet.

If you are going to the toilet frequently in the night, it is recommended to visit your doctor.

Rectal Pressure

Myomas also can press against the rectum and cause a sensation of rectal fullness, difficulty having a bowel movement or pain with bowel movements. Sometimes, fibroids can lead to the development of a hemorrhoid.

Myomas that grow towards the back of the uterus can press on the rectum, and cause an uncomfortable feeling of wanting to pass motion.

If you feel this kind of symptom very often it is best to visit your local health practitioner.

Lower Back Pain
Rarely, fibroids press against the muscles and nerves of the lower back and cause back pain.

A large fibroid on the back surface of the uterus is more likely to cause back pain than a small fibroid within the uterine wall.

Because back pain is so common, it is important to look for other causes of the pain before attributing it to fibroids.

Pelvic Discomfort
Women with large fibroids may feel heaviness or pressure in their lower abdomen or pelvis. Often this is described as a vague discomfort rather than a sharp pain.

Sometimes, the enlarged uterus makes it difficult to lie face down, bend over or exercise without discomfort.

Many women will disregard this as it is seen as just a minor discomfort but it is one of the signs.

Pelvic Pain
A less common symptom is acute, severe pain. This occurs when a fibroid goes through a process called degeneration.

Usually, the pain is localized to a specific spot and improves on its own within two to four weeks. Using a pain reliever, such as ibuprofen, can decrease the pain significantly.

However, chronic pelvic pain can also occur. This type of pain is usually mild but persistent and confined to a specific area.

Prolonged and Heavy Menstruation
This is one of the most common warning signs of uterine Myomas. If you have bleeding with blood clots you should visit your doctor because heavy bleeding can lead to anemia.

Excessively heavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding is a common symptom. Cramps and pain in the back of the legs or lower abdomen are also common signs.

Women describe soaking through sanitary protection in less than an hour, passing blood clots and being unable to leave the house during the heaviest day of flow.

Painful Sexual Intercourse
Fibroids can make sexual intercourse painful or uncomfortable. The pain may occur only in specific positions or during certain times of the menstrual cycle.

Depending on the size and location of the fibroid, sexual intercourse can become painful and uncomfortable.

Discomfort during intercourse is a significant issue. If your doctor doesn’t ask you about this symptom, make sure you mention it.

What do to next?

Awareness is the first step to any solution. Once you know or even suspect that you have fibroids, the first solution is meeting our specialist in Mumbai or having a free one-on-one call with them for a detailed analysis and the possible treatment ahead. Surely you can also order your medicines online from our online consultation platform to start the treatment instantly.

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