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Only The Best Homeopathy Doctors in Mumbai are hired at Welling Homeopathy Clinic and further trained to our CUREplus treatment methodology for effective, safe and rapid recovery. Welling Clinics have always taken pride in the quality of homeopathic treatment that we offer. Our satisfied patients stand testimonial to the high standards we expect from ourselves. We regularly conduct polls and surveys within our clinics to find the best of our Homeopathy doctors. All our doctors are extensively trained to follow our speciality treatments protocol and you get a standardised level of quality. No doubt we have been awarded multiple times for being the best.

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Who Is The Best Homeopathy Doctor in Mumbai?

The latest poll was taken over a period of 12 months to judge the best homeopathy doctor at Welling Clinic’s Mumbai region. Patients were from all age groups & those taking speciality treatment from Welling Clinic.

According to the survey, the top 6 Homeopathy doctors at our Mumbai clinics, in alphabetical order were

Dr.Angelo Smith,M.D.

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Dr.Smith is one of the best Homeopathy doctor of Mumbai. A senior Homeopathic consultant at Welling Clinic and also the head of quality control.He has over 17+ yrs practicing experience and specializes in Lifestyle disorders / Immunology and Degenerative diseases. He is an Honorary Professor and Head of Department at Homeopathy College.

He is currently heading our Mahim clinic in Mumbai.

Dr.Dikshit Jodhawat

He has vast experience of managing difficult to cure case and helping them recover with tailor-made Welling Homeopathy medicines. He is one of the most successful Homeopathy doctor in Mumbai clinics of Welling Homeopathy. He has been educated in one of the premier post-graduate institute of India – M.L.Dhawale Post Graduate Homeopathy college. He has trained and practiced in Malaysia. He currently heads Andheri Clinic and is actively involved in various research and training projects of the company

He is currently head of our Andheri clinic in Mumbai.


One of the best Homeopathic doctor in New-Mumbai, she heads our Vashi Clinic and is one of the most successful Homeopathic consultant. She has trained a lot of Homeopathy doctors and gives the highest success rate, year after year.  He has a vast 20 years of experience behind her.

Dr.Santosh Pandey

He is the clinic head at our most popular and busy Andheri Clinic. He is trained at the prestigious Homeopathy College and K. Dhawale Post-Graduate Homeopathy College. He is a specialist consulting doctor and one of the top Homeopathy doctors at Andheri.

He is currently head of our Borivali clinic in Mumbai.

Dr.Raksha Thakkar

She heads our Thane branch, another busy branch of  Welling Clinic and her popularity reflects in that, Thane branch has been voted best Homeopathy Clinic in Mumbai of all Welling Clinics in 2019. She has been educated in one of the best Homeopathy college of Maharashtra. She regularly teaches other Homeopaths in the country and arranges online webinars. She is one of the best Homeopathy doctor in Thane, with Welling Clinics.

Dr.Shambhavi S.Welling

One of the founder director of Welling Homeopathy Clinics, she gets with her vast experience of managing skin and hair problems, having treated over 1,00,000 cases in her earlier company and at Welling Clinics there-after. She has been awarded at various platforms of Homeopathy for promoting Homeopathy at national and international levels. She is foremost choice of patients visiting for hair and skin problems. She sees patients at all Welling Clinic branches.

Dr.Sourabh R.Welling,M.D.

Along with his team of senior Homeopaths above, Dr.Welling is an award-winning Homeopathy doctor in Mumbai. He has trained 10,000 Homeopaths nationally and internationally and written 12 books on Homeopathy. His legacy comes from his paternal grand-father who was the physician to the maharaj of Mysore. Today he runs the most reputed Welling chain of Homeopathy clinics and is the personal Homeopath to popular political personalities, film personalities and a lot of common people of Mumbai who rate his as the best Homeopathy doctor of Mumbai.

Being the fastest growing chain of Homeopathy clinics, we give a lot of attention towards the quality of treatment and patient satisfaction. Though these are just the 6 top homeopathy doctors in Mumbai Clinics, all our other Homeopathic doctors in Mumbai are extensively trained and specialise in offering you best Homeopathy care. Call 8080 850 950 to book an appointment today, to meet one of the best Homeopathy Doctors in Mumbai.

Choosing The Best Homeopathy Doctor

Some qualities that we see before we recruit and train the best Homeopathy doctor for you at each of our clinics are

  1. Empathy: A good homeopathy doctor should be empathetic and able to understand the patient’s concerns and feelings.
  2. Listening skills: A good homeopathy doctor should be a good listener, taking the time to understand the patient’s symptoms and concerns.
  3. Attention to detail: Homeopathy remedies are prescribed based on the patient’s specific symptoms, so a good homeopathy doctor should be attentive to detail and able to make accurate observations.
  4. Knowledge and expertise: A good homeopathy doctor should have a deep understanding of homeopathy and be up-to-date on the latest research and developments in the field.
  5. Communication skills: A good homeopathy doctor should be able to explain homeopathy remedies and treatment plans clearly and effectively.
  6. Professionalism: A good homeopathy doctor should be professional and ethical, always putting the patient’s health and well-being first.
  7. Experience: Vast experience in treating patients with various health issues can be valuable, but a additionally each doctor we recruit is trained by us further to assure you the best Homeopathy doctor for you.

It’s worth noting that we have been awarded multiple times for being the best homeopathy clinic in India and globally. Finally remember, it’s important to consult a licensed and qualified homeopathy doctor for advice and treatment.

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Best Homeopathy Doctor in Mumbai

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