Case of Chalazion

Mrs.Ibrahim from Mahim west visited us in the year 2010 presenting with a complaint of repeated Chalazion over her right upper eyelid. She had a history of recurrent styes and had landed in this condition after a mismanaged case.

Along with she also suffered from chronic backache, acidity and allergic rhinitis.

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Patient Says:

I visited Dr. Shambhavi Welling, for my problem of eye, backache, acidity and allergic cold.

I had to undergo several operations time and again for removal of my styes and swelling problem of my eye. No doctor was able to help me. It would come back again and again despite of surgical removal. I came here with recommendation of friend, within 6 months of my treatment the swelling on eye started to reduce and within 12 months it was cured completely. Also during the same course of treatment I was cured of my acidity and backache which harassed me for years.

I continued my treatment for total 2 years and completely recovered from my allergic problems also.

My son and daughters also take treatment from Welling Clinic and I am very happy to have come here and got cured of my illness.

I shall definitely recommend WELLING CLINIC to everyone, just like I have trusted in them for myself and my children.

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