Difficulties In Conceiving After 40

From 2007 to 2009, in women between 40 and 44, fertility rates rose by 6% and for those between the ages of 45 to 49, rates were up by 17%.

Having known the facts, let us take a look at difficulties faced when one wants to conceive at and above 40

  1. Decrease in fertility with age: The chances of getting pregnant in a given month decreases as you grow older. There are a few conditions which might contribute to infertility which includes blocked fallopian tubes, uterine fibroids, endometriosis etc.
  2. Maternal Health Problems: There is an increase in the frequency of complications for the older moms such as pregnancy induced diabetes, pregnancy induced hypertension, low lying placenta. It could also lead to some serious complications of pre eclamsia where if not treated would lead to seizures, stroke etc
  3. Loss of pregnancy: Older women have a higher risk of miscarriage than the women pregnant in her 20s-30s. This is probably due to the result of chromosomal abnormalities
  4. Labor Problems: The risk of having labor problems increases with age. It is seen that older women have higher chances of prolonged second stage and fetal distress. It is seen that the delivery through Caesarian section is more common in older moms as compared to the moms in their 20s-30s
  5. Higher risk of genetic abnormalities: The most common genetic abnormality seen is Down’s syndrome which is caused by presence of additional chromosome.

 But with these facts in mind, we shall really look into the challenges which we will face when we think about motherhood after 40.

  1. High Risk pregnancy: As already discussed, there is a high risk in getting pregnant after 40. Not only it affects the maternal health but also the baby’s health is at stake.
  2. Freedom lost: At around 40, we are at the age of settling things for ourselves. If at this stage we are taking up a new responsibility then definitely we are losing the freedom and shall have to give all the time to the newborn.
  3. Menopause and the child: At 40, we are already nearing the menopausal age and so definitely the premenopausal and menopausal symptom outburst. The symptoms include moodiness, irritability, disturbed sleep do come into picture while dealing with the child
  4. Less energy and vitality: Nearing 40, the vitality and energy tend to decrease which is of utmost importance in bringing up of the child.
  5. Generation isolation: When in school or in playground, there is definitely an age gap between you and the other mothers. There is a tendency of isolation from the others at this point of time.
  6. Diminished support network: Your support system in house (your mother, father, in laws) which would be a great help to you in your pregnancy and later child development would be not active enough to help you out.

Our Homeopathic treatment protocol especially for those above 40 can surely help you, but the process is not always so smooth and sometimes more than 1-2 cycle of our treatment may be needed to get pregnant naturally.

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