Endometriosis Treatment – Testimonial no. 92

I was 36 when I was diagnosed with severe stage IV endometriosis and I underwent a laparoscopy and several months of  high dose hormonal treatment. I also underwent 2 episodes of failed IUIs. The regular symptoms of endometriosis were ofcourse there and I was going through a hell during my monthly periods.  I came back to India in December 2010 to take advise on undergoing IVF. I felt, I was running against the time and the stress was getting on me. While searching online, I read about Homeopathy treatment for endometriosis and my sister-in-law referred me to Welling Clinic. I underwent a fertility evaluation and analysis at Welling Clinic. I was prescribed a treatment for 6 months initially without much changes in diet. After around 2 monthly cycles, my pains during periods went down to a larger extent. I went back to US in February 2011 and continued the endometriosis treatment from Welling Clinic till I conceived in August 2011. I delivered a beautiful girl child in May this year. I am attaching a photo of my day 2 in the hospital after the delivery.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    I am 32& suffering from endometriosis cyst. Size is around 10 cm. I had an laparoscopic surgery in 2006 but again re occurred.
    Could you please suggest can homeopathy really cure such cyst? And if yes how long it will take?
    Thanks & regards

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,

    My cousin is suffering from endometriosis. She had a chocolate cyst long back but as of now her case has become complicated. The doctors have done a laproscopy and the investigative finding is as such:
    – 2 litres of dark brown hemorrhagic collection intraperitoneally
    – Frozen abdomen, anatomy could not be detected
    – neurotic tissue and multiple small cystic nodule over entire peritoneum & small bowel
    -Generalized oozing from peritoneal surface & bowel wall
    She is 29 years old and has gotten married 2 years back. She has been unable to conceive and has been suffering for many years. The small intestine is also covered. Could you please advice if it is curable through homeopathic medicine and or removal of the uterus and ovary is the only cure ? If it is curable, how long will it take ? Will it stop growing ? Please email so that I can get in touch with you.

    thank you, awaiting.

    1. respected mam,
      i read ur mail on this website of welling clinic, and i felt that your cousin’s case is quite similar to my wife’s. kindly help us to find a suitable cure for her. she also has chocolate cyst, and even after laparoscopy it couldnt be removed co of frozen pelvis condition. kindly enlighten us on the way forward

      thank you..

      vipul trivedi

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