Is Homeopathy Effective in Cancer Treatment?

Cancer is characterized by an increased and uncoordinated growth of abnormal cells in any part of the body. It can spread via the blood and other tissues causing metastasis. Conventional forms of medicine offer chemotherapy, radiation or removal of the tumour through surgery. A patient suffering from cancer, usually after undergoing rounds of chemotherapy and surgery, comes to rely on alternative forms of medicine like homoeopathy, due to the tremendous amount of weakness, exhaustion as well as loss of appetite and random pains experienced as side effects. Homeopathy as a complementary form of therapy palliates these symptoms, affording much relief to the already distressed patient. Due to its unique principles of minimal dose and dilution, homoeopathy has no side effects either.

The current scenario of homoeopathy in cancer care

Apart from the emotional stress due to the severe nature of illness, cancer patients are often faced with life and death decisions regarding the choice of treatment. Most patients feel helpless and are willing to try all sorts of therapies with a ray of hope. The general notion of ‘homeopathy for cancer care’ has always been shrouded in doubt and controversy seems to be omnipresent around this 200-year old form of medical therapy. Presently, although there is a lack of clear clinical evidence in cancer treatment and homeopathic remedies, steadily increasing number of clinical trials are being conducted with a focus on proving scientifically, why the patients benefit from this therapeutic branch.

The usual thought process of most patients is to try homoeopathy mainly due to unsatisfactory results along with high levels of morbidity and side effects in the conventional form of medicine. Apart from this, many patients adopt homoeopathy along with the conventional medication in order to build up the immunity and defence system of the body. How much a patient may benefit from homoeopathy still needs to be studied in greater detail with a wider number of studies, but also depends upon the type and stage of cancer the patient is suffering from.Welling Clinic offers specially formulated homeopathy treatment for cancer. The treatment for cancer has been developed after an exhaustive in-house research and offers proven palliative help. Our clinics consults for more than 12000 patients of cancer globally, every year. You too can be benefitted by our expertise in the treatment of cancer.

What does this form of science actually offer patients?

Homeopathy is based on the Law of similar i.e. Likes cure likes. In simple terms, a homeopathic physician administers small doses of a substance which would produce the same symptoms as the illness in a healthy individual. Homeopathic remedies are plant, animal or mineral based. These are diluted and shaken vigorously to make highly energized (potentized) dilutions which have negligible to no physical molecules of the original substance left, but have the curative energy to stimulate the immune system and combat illness.

It naturally reduces the unwanted side effects and symptoms which are part and parcel of cancer therapy in conventional medicine.

Recent research and studies in cancer care and homeopathy

New research shows very promising results identifying the potential of homoeopathy and is able to justify the role of homeopathy in cancer care. In vitra and plant studies showed that tumours did show a measurable level of reduction with homoeopathic medicines. Many side effects caused by chemotherapy, radiation and surgery seem to reduce and improve with these dilutions. Many remedies such as Carcinosin, Thuja, and Conium showed a considerable improvement in many types of cancers in the studies conducted and the results offer hope for many. Consistent usage of of homoeopathy is not only safe, but also shows a remarkable improvement in the quality of the patient’s life.

Cancer management and homeopathy

A vital aspect of cancer treatment is pain management often demanding high doses of morphine and potent pain killers. Homeopathy offers not only effective pain relief, but also reduces the toxicity and side effects associated with traditional pain killers. These super dilutions help to improve the general well being and vitality of the patient. Homeopathy helps to stimulate the immune system and increase the defence abilities of the body, thus helping to prevent further spread of cancer cells through the body. Apart from this, the depression and anxiety which accompanies this condition can also be effectively controlled with these sweet pills.

Though homeopathy is no substitute for chemotherapy or surgery when indicated, it can often ease the last months of the suffering patient and provide a measure of relief from the incessant vomiting, hairfall, acidity, pain and other gamut of symptoms that surround cancer and its treatment.


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