How Homeopathy Helped Me Cure Psoriasis?

I was suffering from Psoriasis for the last 14 years. My Psoriasis had spread to the scalp, legs and back. The itching would increase terribly at night and I would need to use spoon or knife to scratch and get relief. It was a terrible feeling. I took continuous medicine from our family physician for around 10 years with good reduction, it I continued with the medicines. Later, when I read, it dawned on me that I was given steroid and medicines that were harming me on a long run. I opted for Homeopathy medicine from the largest homeopathic clinic in the world and even the largest homeopathic chain of clinics. But even they could give me temporary relief and all enthusiasm of getting well with Homeopathy medicines went down. I saw videos of Dr.Welling and even attended his webinar on psoriasis treatment through Homeopathy. It was more informative than advertising.

The same day I opted for Psoriasis treatment from doctors at Welling Clinic. I opted for monthly treatment and that was a welcome relief from other larger clinic, that make it mandatory to lock-in for a year and more by taking the advance payments.

Within a month, I could again feel the difference, just like earlier homeopathy treatments. But what I wanted was a complete & permanent relief. I was suggested various dietary changes, some yoga with the Homeopathy medicines.

It now close to 2 years that I have stopped all medication for psoriasis, including that from Welling homeopathy, and there has been no recurrence. Though I would need to wait some more to declare complete cure, but now I am confident that medicines from Welling Clinic have helped me more than other medicines.

Suresh Patel,( Patient Code – AP-1720000522981 )

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