Infertility Clinic in Mumbai – Testimonial No.104

My wife and I were distraught over my low sperm count and resorted to 2 failed cycles of IVF. Our hopes of having a family were fading and we were advised ICSE as a last option, but I desperately wanted to find another solution, the medicines were horrible and I couldn’t stand the thought of risking my wife’s health, not to mention our baby’s. I began to research for better infertility clinic in Mumbai as a last ditch effort and found website of Welling Clinic. The doctors there  convinced us of the benefits of going the natural way.

I was prescribed few Homeopathic medications and nutritional tablets after thorough analysis. We followed the nutritional tips and dietary advice given specifically for us. To me, it was worth the effort to have a chance of natural conception.

Within 6 months my sperm count had tripled !!!! My wife conceived in the 7th month after starting the treatment from Welling Infertility Clinic. We visited over 7 -8 infertility clinics in Mumbai before starting the treatment and being skeptical about Homeopathy, we wasted more than a year in finalizing our minds, but I would any day recommend Welling infertility clinic in Mumbai for anybody who need fertility treatment that is all natural, free from hormonal drugs & less expensive treatment!

Email – alokp49 (at) gmail (dot) com

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  1. I read of so many promises and “testimonials” on several websites. Many of these turn out to be faked and stage managed. How genuine are the claims of WHC of successfully treating infertility? What makes you different from the others (many fake ones)? I am interested in your services (infertility treatment), just cann’t be sure if you are genuine, having tried others before with similar mouth-watering claims and promises

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