Is Treatment for Luteinized Unruptured Follicles Syndrome ( LUFS ) Possible?

I recently consulted for a lady with Luteinizing Unruptured Follicles Syndrome (LUFS) which has no treatment in conventional medicine. In the last 12 years of my practice, I have seen more than 100 cases of LUFS conceiving treatment for luteinizing unruptured follicle syndrome naturally with Homeopathy treatment. Not only that, but, after the delivery of the baby, LUFS no longer persists in the life of that lady. Thats the wonder of HART Homeopathy treatment.

So whats Luteinized  Unruptured Follicles Syndrome? 

  • In normal healthy fertile females, ovulation with rupture of the mature ovarian follicle and release of the eggs occurs within 38 hours of the surge in Luteinizing  Hormone (LH).
  • However in small percentage of women the egg develops within the follicle quite normally and then the follicle turns into the corpus luteum.
  • Even though all hormonal changes take place reasonably normally, the follicle never ruptures and the egg is never released from the ovary.
  • The LH surge is responsible for “Luteinizing . When this occurs the follicular surface fails to dissolve and release the egg, even though it’s stimulated by an LH spike. However, the follicle continues to evolve into the corpus luteum as expected.
  • This is called as LUFS (luteinized  unruptured follicle syndrome), it is also called as Trapped egg syndrome
 Causes of Luteinized Unruptured Follicles Syndrome:
  • Trapped egg syndrome or LUFS seems to occur more frequently in women taking fertility drugs and in women who have had Pelvic inflammatory disease.
  • Also it is commonly seen in patients suffering from PCOD & Endometriosis
Symptoms of Luteinized Unruptured Follicles Syndrome:
  • LUF does not show any signs & symptoms, it is a ‘silent’ problem , thus it is very easy to miss the diagnosis
Diagnosis of Luteinized Unruptured Follicles Syndrome:
  • It is very difficult to diagnose – but its very easy for us as such cases come pre-diagnosed to us for treatment.
  • Ovulation is determined by hormones that are being produced during the menstrual cycle. They do not determine whether the actual release of the egg from the ovary has taken place.
  • They make the assumption that if the hormones are being produced in proper amounts then ovulation has occurred.
  • The hormones and the physical release are two separate acts. Since the hormones are being produced, the basal body temperature chart will show a rise; measurement of blood hormone levels will be “normal”; and if an endometrial biopsy is done, it will show that “ovulation” has taken place.
  • However, the follicle will not rupture and there will not be any significant increase in fluid in the pelvis when an ultrasound is done. It can be only made by serial vaginal ultrasound scans to track ovulation.

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