The Only Remedy Needed for Your Infant Colic

So your baby has colic. Relax, it’s completely normal and it’s estimated that up to 40% of all infants have colic. It usually starts between the 3rd and 6th week after birth and ends by the time the baby is 3 to 4 months old. If the baby is still crying excessively after that, another health problem may be to blame. You can visit our clinics for a detailed analysis and to know how Welling speciality homeopathy for infants and children can help mothers have a relaxed motherhood.

Here are some key facts about infant colic:

  • Colicky babies have a healthy sucking reflex and a good appetite and are otherwise healthy and growing well. If you feel, your baby is nor feeding or is becoming lethargic, contact your doctor immediately.
  • Colicky babies may spit up from time to time just as non-colicky babies do. But if your baby is actually vomiting and/or losing weight, call the doctor. (Vomiting is a forceful throwing up of stomach contents through the mouth, whereas spitting up is an easy flow of stomach contents out of the mouth.) Vomiting repeatedly is not a sign of colic.
  • Colicky babies typically have normal stools (poop). If your baby has diarrhea or blood in the stool, call your doctor.

The German mothers have a trick that has helped them get completely rid of their infant colic. Well, not complete, but majority kids are benefitted. And that’s a simple idea of helping their infant to burp at least 3 times after every feed. This is tried and tested at all our clinics and mothers have found magical relief from crying & distressed infants.

If this doesn’t help, we suggest visiting one of our clinics for a customised treatment for your infant, that can instantly help you infant feel better. Welling homeopathy treatment specially developed for infants and new-born colic is infant friendly, safe, and very gentle.

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