PCOS: Things That All Women Should Know

Women have to go through plenty of changes in their own lives; this is important and natural part of
their own life, even if it is large or small.

PCOS at Welling ClinicsWhen a woman reaches puberty or menopausal stage, her body naturally undergo series of changes. These changes play a vital role in a woman’s body and even personality. It can be whether physically and emotionally, as part of maturation.

After the body travels through development, some adjustments include age, childbearing and
Hormone levels and it’s totally normal for everybody. population. And this condition could be intense and disruptive.

If you’re diagnosed with this illness or think having PCOS, do not worry because there is
But, there isn’t any found cure nonetheless, but nevertheless we could do something to
Relieve or control the status.

And all of these changes are normal part of each and everyone’s life.

But Women should know that as they goes through these changes, they should also be aware of the diseases they can acquire. And one of these is PCOS.

What is PCOS?

The syndrome polycystic ovary is an endocrine condition that increased level of androgens or the male hormones in women.

The fact that adds to the increased level of hormones can genetic and environmental.
It mostly hard for doctors to detect the symptoms and severity because the disease has wide range.

But according to experts, it can be related to insulin, PCOS condition in women frequent have high insulin levels.

Between ages 18 to 44 are more prone to this, it depends on symptoms used to describe it, and about 2 to 20% female population is aected with PCOS.

The disorder includes risk factor for other disease like heart disease, diabetes , sleep apnea, hypertension and some cancer types.

PCOS can possibly cause by:

· Excess Androgen (male hormone) produce in a woman’s ovaries
· Excess insulin, hormone produce in pancreas
· Genetics

Some of the symptoms PCOS are:

· Infrequent or prolonged menstruation
· Unusual body hair growths
· Restlessness
· Pimple breakouts
· Increased weight

If left untreated, these symptoms may lead to;

· Infertility
· Depression
· Miscarriage
· Sleep apnea
· Some types of endocrine cancer

Homeopathy can stop PCOS and reverse PCOS symptoms rapidly.

If you have PCOS or thought of possibly having it, consult a specialist Homeopath near you. Our clinics from Mumbai can also consult to you, if you don’t live in Mumbai. Chat with our online experts to know more about our online consultation platform.

The most important thing being early diagnoses and treatment of PCOS.

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