Is Psoriasis Curable In Homeopathy?

Is Psoriasis making you frustrated? Are you tired of using irritating sticky creams? Is your Psoriasis making you feel like above when you sweat? Want to know how Welling Homeopathy can help in Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a skin problem with severe itching and physical discomfort. Psoriasis is caused by the over-reaction of your immune system. In psoriasis your own immunity starts attacking you own skin, leading to other immune response like scaling, roughness and discomfort through out the day. In normal skin, there is continuous new skin being formed and older skin dying off, But this is going on at such a slow rate, that you rarely feel that happening. But in Psoriasis, the same process is going on at a faster rate some times x10 times faster. Left to itself without proper treatment, its can lead to various complications including joint pains.

So is psoriasis really curable through Homeopathy?

Will Homeopathy medicines for psoriasis permanently cure and help you recover? Why use only homoeopathy for psoriasis? These intriguing questions are very commonly faced by me and other homeopaths at Welling Clinic, where we deal with psoriasis on a daily basis and in the last 12 years more than 4500 patients of ours have recovered totally. So in a sense we are the experts in the treatment of psoriasis.

How Welling Homeopathy works for Psoriasis?

Firstly, one needs to know that Homoeopathic remedies for psoriasis work by optimising our defence mechanisms. Psoriasis is a result of an overreaction of an immune response, and homeopathy cures it by optimising the immune over-response. It does not suppress the immune system. So, homoeopathic healing is not a miracle or a lucky exception but a fact of biology; the result of the optimum utilisation of the body’s natural healing system which is curative and non-suppressive in nature.

Secondly, it is important to realise that your doctor or family physician saying that psoriasis cannot be permanently cured, is their own opinion, based on their past experiences and medicinal options they have. Homeopathic medicines have been developed over a period of last 200 years and have been proven to stop the further damage to your skin, reverse any severe damage and stop the continuous destruction of your skin.

So what makes Welling Homeopathy your 100% sure option for complete cure from Psoriasis?

At Welling Homeopathy, we have a separate research department, set-up a decade back to research into various types of psoriasis and to explore how the 200 year old Homeopathic treatment can be made more reliable and sure. Our specially formulated methodology for a personalised Homeopathy treatment for Psoriasis can help you recover completely and painlessly without the need for sticky skin creams ever again. Treatment quality is assured by ISO-9001 quality certification and 92% satisfaction rate.

Stop the frustration & meet our specialist today for a detailed analysis to know if Welling Homeopathy can cure your Psoriasis?

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