Easy Ways To Deal With Menopause Symptoms

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Menopause is an unavoidable reality for every lady. The symptoms of menopause can often leave you drenched with sweat and really angry for no good reason. Here is a low down on how you can combat menopause without pressing the pause button on sanity.

Hot flashes:One of the commonest complaints of menopause is hot flashes. They are periods of intense heat and discomfort in the body, which are not related to any external factors. Hot flashes can occur at any time of the day and night and may last from 30 seconds up to five minutes. They can range from being mild to extremely discomforting.

  1. Know thy triggers:

The key to managing hot flashes is to know the triggers. The most common triggers are consumption of alcohol, eating spicy foods, intake of caffeine, smoking, feeling anxious or stressed and simply being in a hot or stuffy environment. The triggers might also include things like what a person was doing or even wearing during the onset of an attack. Maintain a diary and write these down whenever a hot flash occurs and soon you shall be able to recognize the triggers. Try to avoid situations that may trigger a hot flash.

  1. Keep yourself prepared:

Menopause and hot flashes are an unavoidable reality for most women. However, keeping oneself prepared can help one get through this uncomfortable phase with minimal discomfort. Keeping prepared is simple enough.

Always dress in layers: A hot flash even in the middle of the winter season can leave you drenched in sweat. Make a point to dress up in layers of clothing so that you can quickly take off the outer layers whenever required.

Keep an ice pack handy: An ice pack is a quick, effective and a super handy remedy that immediately cools down the body whenever a heat wave hits.

  1. Just chill:

In times of a heat wave, it is important to cool the body as quickly as possible to minimize the discomfort and other side effects of a hot flash.

Sip ice-cold water: Sipping ice-cold water quickly cools down the body temperature, so does eating an ice-popsicle or a slush or any other frozen fruits or desserts you can lay your hands on.

Cool the pulse points: Cooling the area around the pulse points of the body helps to quickly lower the body temperature. The area around the pulse points of the neck and the wrist are especially effective. These can be quickly cooled by wrapping a cool towel or a bandana around the neck or wrist, effectively bringing the body temperature down.

Mood Swings: Mood swings are unexpected and abrupt changes in a person’s mood that are inappropriate to its cause. Menopause disrupts the balance of the hormones that regulate moods and emotions.

  1. Understand the cause:

The simplest way to manage an unexpected mood swing is to arm yourself with the knowledge of what it is. Knowledge of its causes and triggers helps keep the mind under control and things in perspective.

  1. Sleep well:

Sleep and mood swings are more closely related than most people realize. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation of as little as an hour a day can lead to depression and anxiety. Inadequate sleep and erratic sleeping habits greatly intensify mood swings making women more prone to anxiety, depression and vulnerable to stress. So make sure you get your fair share of forty winks every single day.

  1. Eat right:

Modern food habits comprise of simple carbohydrates, processed foods, unhealthy fats and sugars that aggravate mood swings. Complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits along with proteins help the brain naturally produce Serotonin – the chemical responsible for maintaining mood balance. The deficit of Serotonin is causes depression and leads to mood swings.

It is essential to eat a diet full of complex carbohydrates, lots of colorful fresh fruits and vegetables and legumes to get the daily-required dose of the right nutrients that keep your mind and body healthy.

  1. Indulge in a hobby:

Hobbies produce Eustress  the good stress that keeps one motivated and excited. It brings about a desire to overcome challenges and gives a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction. Reading, listening or playing music, singing, gardening, knitting or anything else that gives to pleasure can help deal with anxiety, depression and all the other side effects of mood swings.

Manage your Skin and Hair: The falling levels of estrogen during and before menopause play havoc with your skin and hair. The skin begins to sag, becomes more prone to wrinkles, and looses elasticity. Hair becomes thinner and falls off more than ever.

Use products that are gentle on the hair and skin, and do not contain harmful chemicals that strip the hair and skin of its natural moisturizers. Switch to shorter and cooler showers as the heat strips away the moisture from your skin and hair.

Use a sunscreen with an SPF 50 that filters up to 98 % of the sun’s harmful rays.

Avoid harsh styling products for your hair or better still skip them altogether. Deep condition your hair regularly for easy manageability.

Mute that Migraine: Migraines may occur more frequently or show up for the first time during the time leading to your Menopause. Most women go through the worst of migraines without realizing that they are linked to menopause.

  1. Snack often. Having small healthy snacks every two hours decreases the intensity and the frequency of a migraine. Snacking often keeps the blood sugar from dropping and helps reduce the intensity of migraine attacks.
  2. Talk to your doctor: Once it is established that your migraines are linked to menopause, a doctor can prescribe medication to be taken on certain days that can help head off the migraine attack or make it much more manageable.

Sharpen your Memory: Menopause affects working memory. Studies have shown that about 60% of women in menopause or perimenopause period complain of memory loss. Like always, simply knowing that memory loss is due to menopause brings about a huge relief. Meditation, yoga, exercise, playing games, learning a new language or indulging in a hobby are all known to sharpen the gray cells and keep away memory loss.

Homeopathy Treatment: Usually not much treatment is needed for the menopausal syndrome, as they subside with time. But some times they become unbearable or go on increasing. We would advise meeting our clinic experts once to know if any treatment is needed at all or just some lifestyle and dietary changes will suffice.

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