Diagnosis of Cancer,

Need Not Be The End of Happiness

Our speciality treatment for Cancer is based on the 200-year-old lesser known Homeopathy principles. With an experience of over 16 years, we have consulted 8250+ patients globally. 

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We know how it feels when you or your loved one is diagnosed with Cancer. That is the reason we want to be with you, in your journey to fight cancer, in every-way possible. The only speciality Homeopathy treatment, we know of,  that can be helpful even along with other treatments. Its time to turn to Welling CUREplus Treatment for Cancer.

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Four Step CUREplus Cancer Treatment

Homeopathic CUREplus Medicine

It’s the main part of the cancer treatment protocol, which is arrived at after a detailed interview for a 360 degree understanding of the present health condition and past health history which is further analyzed through our unique CUREplus treatment protocol.

Homeopathy Organ Specific Medicine

This is a supporting Homeopathic medicine, specific to the organ affected by cancer. This medicine helps in further detoxification and elimination. But this medicine is not required in all the patients but only in highly progressed cancers in patients with very low vitality.


Like the diet, the supplements prescribed are individualized for each patient, depending on the organ involved and biochemical makeup. The prescribed supplements include only those specific vitamins, minerals, trace elements, anti-oxidants that will be effective in the particular cancer we are treating.


The prescribed diets are quite variable, and can vary from high protein diet to high fat, high carbohydrate diet. We have done an extensive research into metabolic typing and hence able to prescribe a customized diet plan to each individual. Each patient receives individualized dietary recommendations

What Our Patients Say ?
Welling Cancer Treatment
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"Has visited Welling Clinic for my father's lung cancer during and after his chemotherapy. The cancer treatment from Welling Clinic helped my dad bear chemotherapy very well."

Rashid. Ali - Mumbai

"I had consulted Welling Clinic when brain tumour of my child recurred and our doctor said, we cannot go for surgery again nor chemo therapy. The doctor referred us to Welling Clinic. I would say I was fortunate to come here in time and thanks to you doctors, last 6 years has seen complete reversal of the tumour."

Sanjota N.D - Dharwad 

"My mother is doing very well and now she is just on your Homeopathy treatment for cancer. She has gained weight and doing all her things as she wants."

Akshita Verma - Lucknow

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