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through Homeopathy Assisted Reproduction Therapy (HART) - our specially formulated Homeopathy treatment for you.

We can help you, if you have PCOS, Endometriosis, Blocked Tubes, Low AMH, Azoospermia, Oligospermia or Asthenozoospermia. Even those with multiple failed IVF or unexplained Infertility.

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Welling Clinic is the world leader in non invasive fertility treatment. With more than 2000 satisfied couples from over 72 countries, we want you to be the next.

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Our Promise

We promise that you will experience a treatment that is less painful,with no side-effects and far more effective than any other treatment for infertility.

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100% Satisfaction

We strive to achieve 100% satisfaction through our Homeopathic treatment for you & your family.

World-class Infrastructure

With patients from over 82 countries, our clinics boasts of world class infrastructure with state-of-art networked clinics.

Award Winning

Our Homeopathic chain of clinics has been repeatedly awarded globally for our quality in healthcare.

IMAGINE the day you will hold your baby in your hands?

Dr.Sourabh R.Welling,M.D.

Dr.Sourabh R.Welling,M.D. ( Hom )
Founder Director.

I want to help you get that day at the earliest. You can always opt for IVF cycle multiple times till you get success. But there is an alternative to artificial treatments like IVF. The treatment that can help you conceive naturally without any side-effects. The same treatment that has helped more than 2000 couples conceive naturally from over 100 countries can help you too if you start the treatment early.

Over the last few years, the problem of getting pregnant has increased many fold. A study published few years back said one in every four couples in India had been found to be affected by infertility, that is 25%. The sole reason of this article is to make you aware to get tested early on if you are facing difficulty in getting pregnant and also to make you aware that now there is an alternative to commonly known treatments like IVF.

The specially formulated Homeopathic treatment for you can help you to conceive naturally. It can help you even if you are suffering from PCOS, endometriosis, blocked tubes and other common female problems.

In men it has helped in low sperm count, low sperm motility and morphology.

In addition to the Homeopathic treatment for you, you would need a diet plan specially designed for your lifestyle and some yoga postures designed to stimulate reproductive organs. The complete treatment can help you conceive naturally and quickly. You can also opt for our pre-IVF Homeopathy treatment for higher success rate in IVF.

Welling Clinics is the world leader in Homeopathic fertility treatment and has been awarded the Star Quality Award for best quality in healthcare at the Quality Convention, Geneva 2012.

If you live in Mumbai, visit one of our clinics or order online to conceive naturally without the need for IUI or IVF.

Dr. Sourabh R.Welling,M.D. ( Hom )

Case Study #14

Conceived after blocked tubes 

Mrs.Neha Sharma ( real name used with permission ) visited us for blocked tubes and after 3 failed IVFs. She conceived in 2 months after ...

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Case Study #87


The lady approached us, not wanting to expose herself to harmful effects of IVF and suffering from low AMH and LUFS.

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What Our Patients Say?

4.4 (88%) 45 votes
 After 16th months of my treatment for Sertoli Cell Only Syndrome, my wife conceived in the month of October 2012. Currently she is doing very well and in her 4th month of pregnancy. All thanks to Homeopathy medicine and you doctors for the treatment of Sertoli Cell Only Syndrome and helping my wife conceive.

- Aman Patel

4.4 (88%) 45 votes
 I consulted Welling Clinic for endometriosis. In the initial 6 months, my back pain and pelvic pain reduced to a large extent. My menstrual cycle also got regularized. I conceived in the 8th month after the endometriosis treatment started.

- Shilpa Panchal

4.4 (88%) 45 votes
 I suffered from multiple cysts in ovaries from the last 12 years. As I could not conceive, even after trying IUI and a failed cycle of IVF, I opted for Welling Fertility Treatment instead of another cycle of  IVF. I conceived naturally after 7 months of treatment.

- Sheetal Mali

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