Endometriosis Treatment For Infertility

I was suffering from back pain for some 8 years. I had taken practically all types of treatments for my back pain. After I got married and when I could not conceive for around 4 years I starting getting worried. By that time , I also started getting pelvic pains before and during my menstrual cycle. This pain had also started persisting all throughout the month by the time, me and my husband decided to take medical help for the inability to conceive. After some investigations, our gynecologist diagnosed that I was suffering from endometriosis. And he referred us to Welling Clinic for homeopathy treatment of endometriosis for infertility.

At Welling clinic, after a detailed case study, we were put on their infertility treatment protocol for a period of 6 months. In this period my back pain and pelvic pain reduced to a large extent. My menstrual cycle also got regularized. I conceived in the 8th month after the endometriosis treatment started.

I am thankful to the doctors at Welling clinic for being regularly in touch and available for me, whenever I required. They were in touch with me all through out my pregnancy.

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