Getting Pregnant With Blocked Tubes: A Case Study

A case of secondary infertility with left tubal block conceived in 2nd month 

AGE –27

A couple came to us with inability to conceive in which husbands’ semen analysis was normal, wife had done 3 IVFs – once she had conceived – but the patient developed pregnancy induced hypertension and had some complications in which caesarian section had to be performed at 6 months of pregnancy—pregnancy had to be aborted.

Post this procedure she was trying to conceive but was unable to do so –few months later they went for HSG test and found her left tube to be blocked. They came to us in the month of November 2014- and started the treatment for infertility which includes Welling HART TREATMENT PROTOCOL, a homeopathic speciality treatment — she conceived at the end of December 2014( 2nd month of treatment)—she has delivered a healthy baby. The pregnancy was without any complications.

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