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Homeopathy Assisted Reproduction Therapy ( HART ) is an alternative for IVF treatment, specially developed at Welling Clinics, to cure the root cause in men and women, helping you conceive naturally. Developed after exhaustive research and study, the treatment has helped over 2000 couples to conceive naturally. It is safe, painless and completely side-effects free.

Even after multiple failed IVFs
Multiple miscarriages
Advanced age beyond 42

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is this infertility treatment?

Homeopathy Assisted Natural Conceiving is a treatment, specially formulated after an exhaustive research of more than 200 years of Homeopathic literature to develop a personalised treatment for you. It is safe, gentle and completely side-effects free and has been effective in more than 64% couples with-in the first cycle.

How long will it take for me to concieve naturally?

Each cycle of the treatment protocol includes 6 months of medications and consultation to target and cure the root cause. It has helped upto 90% of couples within 3 cycles of our treatment.

Why only Welling Homoepathy for my fertility treatment?

Welling Clinic is the world leader in Homeopathic fertility speciality treatment and has been awarded the Star Quality Award for best quality in healthcare at the Quality Convention, Geneva 2012. Our customised, tailor made treatment protocol for conceiving difficulties is globally validated for its effectiveness & consistency.

Is this Homeopathy treatment really effective?

Having treated more than 2000 couples globally through our clinics in Mumbai and our Global Consultation Platform, we are confident that it may be your best option for natural conceiving.

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How can IVF cost become cheaper and affordable for all?

Get answer to this and many more such questions, when u meet directly with our specalists.

Seriously! How long are you going to struggle for a child?

Before any treatment, first step is meeting our specialists for a detailed assessment. Call 8080 850950 to book an appointment.

Disclaimer: The treatment has helped more than 2000 couples from over 100 countries in the last 16 years. But as the treatment outcome may vary from person to person, we suggest you to meet our specialist today to know if the treatment can help you too to conceive naturally.