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Boost Your Fertility and Conceiving Naturally with Our Proven Homeopathic Formula - A Natural Alternative to IVF Treatment.

👉 We have treated most causes of infertility in the last 14 years  - Low AMH, Blocked Tubes, PCOS, Endometriosis, Anti Sperm Antibodies or Azoospermia, Low Count or Motility, and Multiple Failed IVFs.

We've helped couples from 108 countries conceive naturally with our tailor-made Homeopathy medicines. 

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For over 14 years we have helped couples get pregnant naturally, treating the cause of infertility.

Homeopathy Assisted Reproduction Therapy IVF & Other Artificial Treatment
1 Natural Proven Medicines, Tailor-Made For You Hormonal Medicines & Injections
2 62% Success rate in first cycle 22% Success rate in first cycle
3 Cannot work if husband and wife live in different cities. IVF treatment can help such couples
4 No Hospital visits before pregnancy Multiple Hospital visit required
5 Root cause of Infertility cured No change with the cause of Infertility
6 One treatment cycle lasts for 6 months One treatment cycle lasts one ovulation
7 Medicines for Azoospermia ( Zero Count) Donor sperms advised usually
8 Medicines To Increase Low AMH May need donor eggs from another lady
9 Natural Treatment for blocked fallopian tubes Surgery advised with risk of scarring post-surgery
10 Treatment is possible only till menopause Success even after menopause possible
11 Online consultation & online ordering possible Need to personally visit hospital and clinic.
12 Treatment possible even before planning for pregnancy to help in pregnancy in future. Treatment leads to pregnancy or failure.
13 Save upto 90% of usual IVF cost. Starting Rs. 3,50,000 - 9,00,000 / treatment cycle
14 Can be paid with partial and part payments. More than 10 times our treatment cost including medicines
More Satisfaction & Happiness of natural pregnancy ( Reviews from our past patients )
No data available with us.

For more success stories from over 108 countries, visit our clinics or consult online. Another Happy Mother (LOW AMH)

Testimony - Low AMH Natural Treatment

Failed IVF Treatment? Or Facing Difficulty Conceiving Naturally, Inspite of Trying Everything?

Save time, money and get your confidence back. Choose Welling Homeopathy treatment as your first option.

How to Prepare for IVF Treatment?

22 years, 7 Fertility Clinics & 16 Full-Time Doctors In India To Help You Conceive Naturally.

From Zero To 4 Million Sperm Count

Azoospermia Testimonial

How Welling's Speciality Homeopathy Infertility Treatment Can Help You Get Pregnant Naturally?

  • Benefit from our experience - We are the largest Homeopathic Infertility Clinic in the world with satisfied couples from 108 countries,
  • Our treatment is tailor-made for husband or wife or both to cure the root cause of infertility,
  • Why delay your decision? 60% of our patients have had an average of two failed IVF cycles before visiting us to get pregnant naturally,
  • Cost-effective treatment that works to help you get pregnant naturally and quickly,
  • Gentle, non-hormonal medicines without any side effects, which are safe for mother and baby,
  • Upto 65% success rate after the first treatment cycle of 6 months, though this can reduce with advancing age,
  • Our tailor-made Homeopathy medicines treat the root cause of infertility in men and women that is causing the difficulty in pregnancy, which can lead to natural pregnancy quickly,

Our specialists can help you evaluate your chances of natural pregnancy with our specially formulated Homeopathy Assisted Reproduction Therapy.

Welling Fertility Clinic Testimonial

Still, Looking For The Best IVF Clinic?

Conceiving Naturally Can Bring Unlimited Happiness and Satisfaction for Life. Best IVF doctor can probably help you get pregnant after the IVF process injecting artificial hormones, multiple laboratory visits and after spending lakhs of rupees. But is that what you really want?

Azoospermia Natural Treatment testimony

Homeopathy Assisted Reproduction Therapy ( HART ) is a specially formulated Homeopathy treatment at Welling Clinics to cure the root cause of infertility in you. The treatment has helped over 12000 couples in 108 countries to conceive naturally. It is safe, painless and hormone-free. Get started today, if you have

  • Failed IVF Cycles,
  • PCOS or Endometriosis
  • Blocked Fallopian Tubes
  • Hormonal Imbalance or Ovulation Problems
  • Fibroids or Cysts
  • Zero sperm count or low count, motility
  • Unexplained Infertility
  • Reached 40’s or
  • Suffered Repeated Miscarriages.

We Are The World's Largest Speciality Homeopathy Infertility Clinic

1000's have conceived naturally with our Homeopathy treatment. Why don't you talk to our online advisors or visit our speciality clinics to get pregnant naturally?

Meet us before it's too late. Take an active step now before you run out of time.

STOP wasting your time, money, and health on treatments that may not work.

Choose The Best Natural Alternative to IVF Treatment Rather Than Spending on the Cost of IVF.

Frequent Asked Questions


Homeopathy Assisted Natural Conceiving is a treatment, specially formulated after an exhaustive research of more than 200 years of Homeopathic literature to develop a personalised treatment for you. It is safe, gentle and completely side-effects free and has been effective in more than 64% couples with-in the first cycle.


Each cycle of the treatment protocol includes 6 months of medications and consultation to target and cure the root cause. It has helped upto 82% of couples within 3 cycles of our treatment.


Having treated more than 2000 couples globally through our clinics in Mumbai and our Global Consultation Platform, we are confident that it may be your best option for natural conceiving.


We use all naturally available substances, procured and processed according to the highly specialised Homeopathic principles in German manufacturing factories.



Welling Clinic is the world leader in Homeopathic fertility speciality treatment and has been awarded the Star Quality Award for best quality in healthcare at the Quality Convention, Geneva 2012. We hire only the best Homeopathy doctors after an exhaustive process followed by intensive training in our way of Homeopathy treatment processes.


No known side-effects has been reported of our fertility treatment protocol in the past 12 years from any of our patients, globally.


Yes, our treatment protocol helps in increasing the sperm count even in very low sperm count. We have also seen positive results in zero sperm count and even in Sertoli Cell Only Syndrome.


Visit one of our clinics to know how Welling Homeopathy can be your best option for natural conceiving without the need for IUI or IVF. Or visit our Global Online Consultation platform.

How To Get Pregnant Naturally?

We consult and help more couples for Homeopathic infertility treatment, as compared to all other Homeopathy clinics combined. All this expertise can help you conceive faster.

Which illnesses can this treatment help in men?

In men, this can help for

  • Treatment of Azoospermia Treatment ( Zero Sperm Count ),

  • Treatment of Oligospermia Treatment ( Low Sperm Count ),

  • Treatment of Low Sperm Motility Treatment,

  • Treatment of  Low Sperm Morphology Treatment,

  • Treatment of  Sertoli Cell Only Syndrome Treatment,

  • Treatment of Primary Testicular Failure Treatment.

Which illnesses can this treatment help in women?

In women, this can help for

  • Getting Pregnant with PCOS,

  • Getting Pregnant with Endometriosis,

  • Getting Pregnant with Blocked Tubes,

  • Getting Pregnant with Low AMH,

  • Getting Pregnant with Fibroids,

  • Getting Pregnant with Anti-Sperm Antibodies.

What Is The Cost of IVF?

The cost of IVF treatment changes with the doctor’s expertise and clinic location.

Most of these couples with difficulty in getting pregnant are referred for IVF treatment, but that is rarely the exact cause of their fertility problem. I had previously written about why IVF should be the last option and never the first priority treatment. The cost of IVF treatment can have a major effect on your decision.

Which are the best IVF centres and the best IVF doctor?

The best IVF centre associated with some top IVF doctors should have some minimum criteria. Our research team has chosen the 6 best IVF doctors and their IVF clinics in Mumbai where you can get the best fertility treatment if you choose the hormonal and artificial treatment option rather than a proven Homeopathic way to get pregnant naturally... Read more here - Best IVF centre and some top IVF doctors

How to Conceive a Baby Fast?

You need to give your body and that of your partner due time that is needed to conceive naturally. It's a natural process and we have confidence that you will conceive. Of course, that's if you want to conceive naturally. If you prefer to conceive your baby in a laboratory and go through multiple failures then there can be IVF and other artificial treatments as options. But we advise the ONLY natural way to conceive.

How to Increase Sperm Count Fast?

Male infertility is when a man has a poor chance of making his female partner pregnant. It usually depends on the quality of his sperm cells. When the sperm count is low, there are steps that can be taken to increase sperm count fast.

In addition to a healthy lifestyle and diet, some foods and nutrients are associated with greater fertility benefits than others.

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