How To Increase Endometrial Thickness?

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What is Endometrial Thickness?

How to Increase Endometrial ThicknessThe endometrium is the lining of the uterus. It is one of the few organs in the human body that changes in size every month throughout a person’s fertile years.

Each month, as part of the menstrual cycle, the body prepares the endometrium to host an embryo. Endometrial thickness increases and decreases during the process. One of the key aspects in that regard is the endometrium and the thickness of its wall. 

What Is The Normal Endometrial Thickness?

The endometrial layer in itself is pretty thin. Towards the end of each menstrual cycle, when the upper layer has shed completely, the layer that remains is barely about 1 mm thick. As the next ovulation cycle begins, the cells start creating the new functional layer above it.

The thickness of the layer usually varies from person to person, but the normal range of endometrial thickness for conceiving is considered to be around 8 mm which needs to go up to around 15 mm to be able to hold the fertilized egg securely.

The normal thickness of the endometrium changes throughout a person’s life, from childhood, through to sexual maturity, fertile years, and after menopause.

In imaging tests of young females who have not yet begun menstruating, the endometrium is present but smaller than it will be later in life.

What Happens Before Pregnancy?

Endometrial thickness is important in pregnancy. Healthcare experts link the best chances for a healthy, full-term pregnancy to an endometrium that is neither too thin nor too thick. This allows the embryo to implant successfully and receives the nutrition it needs. The endometrium gets thicker as the pregnancy progresses.

How to measure the Endometrial Thickness?

Ultrasound is the most common way to measure the thickness of the endometrium. It is the method that healthcare providers use first, especially if an individual has reported abnormal vaginal bleeding.

When ultrasound is not suitable, often due to the position of a person’s uterus or other health conditions, doctors use MRI.

What Are The Causes Of Low Endometrial Thickness?

Estrogen-Related Issues

Reduced levels of estrogen could sometimes prevent the growth of cells, which in turn inhibits the thickening of the endometrium.

Poor Blood Flow

If the uterus does not receive an adequate supply of blood, it may have trouble creating an endometrium that is thick enough for conception. The lack of adequate blood flow may be due to a tilted uterus, uterine fibroids or even a sedentary lifestyle.

Improper Functioning of Progesterone

When the progesterone hormone does not function in the manner it needs to, the endometrium does not thicken.

Side-Effects of Fertility Drugs

In a cruel twist of irony, certain drugs that are used to boost fertility and trigger ovulation might inadvertently cause a side-effect that results in the thinning of the endometrial layer.

Stressful Lifestyle

The absence of enough rest and sleep could result in stress, which can prevent the optimal growth of the endometrium.

For those who wish to conceive, you’d be happy to know that there are ways to increase the thickness of the endometrium.

How to Increase Endometrial Thickness?

Many natural ways are told by various people in the world to increase endometrial thickening. But nothing works every time, nor works in a time-bound manner like a Homeopathy treatment for endometrial thickening.  At our Homeopathic infertility clinic, we have helped more than 7200 women improve there endometrial thickening, helping them conceive naturally. The treatment can help you too, to conceive naturally, if started early.

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