IVF Success Rate in Mumbai

The highest possible success rate of IVF after the first cycle can be upto 18-30%. That means upto 82% women like you, fail to conceive after the first cycle of IVF.  The success rate can be far lower with increasing age and after multiple IVF cycles. So is it logical to go after multiple IVF cycles expecting a higher success rate with falling egg reserves after every failed IVF.

Why are IVF success rates so low?

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Give your body a chance, to conceive naturally, as it is meant to be, with a little help from the speciality homeopathy treatment.
About Welling Homeopathy Treatment

IVF Clinics are coming up in every corner of a city like Mumbai. It a common experience that when the quantity increases the quality reduces. There is the huge demand for artificial treatment and its increasing every passing day. The cause of this increase has been discussed much time by me in the blog earlier.

The IVF doctors in Mumbai are some of the best in the world and you can find about them there –¬†BEST IVF DOCTORS IN MUMBAI.

Now we come to one of the controversial topics about the success rate of IVF. Most of the IVF doctors bluff about the success rate of their IVF treatment. Some state it as high as 75%, but global surveys have found that IVF success rate can be a low is 18%. There is obviously some strong reason behind such low success rate. As mentioned earlier, we have the best IVF doctors, the procedure used by them is the latest in the world and even the machinery used is the most modern state of art machinery, as used in any modern hospital of the world. But inherently, female body doesn’t accept anything artificial very easily. ¬†Most the failures happen at the implantation stage or later and uterus doesn’t accept something that is fertilised outside the body, artificially in the lab.

Realistically speaking, the actual success rate can be between 20% to 35% depending on the number of IVF cycle and other criteria’s like age, egg reserves etc.

This is the reason, at Welling Clinics, we don’t recommend IVF as the first option ever. Though it has its own requirement, in the last 16 years, we have experienced that over 88% percentage of the women can conceive naturally with speciality Welling Homeopathy treatment, some dietary changes and yoga.

I would recommend you to do your own research and meet our specialist once to know more on the IVF Success Rate.

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