Is There Low AMH Treatment In Ayurveda?

Is There Low AMH Treatment In Ayurveda? We help couples conceive naturally by treating the root cause through our specially formulated Homeopathy Assisted Reproduction Therapy ( HART ).

Our speciality homeopathic treatment for Low AMH can help you in conceiving naturally. You would need a customised treatment for low AMH, chalked-out for you by our specialists, for early conception.

As the only speciality Homeopathy Clinic for Infertility, we have helped more than 2000 couples to have a child naturally from over 108 countries through our speciality treatment in the last 16 years. And those include women with Low AMH values (Poor ovarian reserve) like you.

What is Low AMH?

Low AMH levels are generally considered to be an indicator of a low ovarian reserve. It is quite normal for a woman’s AMH levels to decline as she gets older, and in younger women this may be a sign of premature loss of fertility.

Many fertility centers still do not offer fertility treatments to women whose AMH falls below the universal cut-off levels (or whose FSH is above the cut-off). This approach helps centers keep their published IVF success rates high, because women with lower pregnancy chances are excluded. However, it obviously leaves women with low AMH and/or high FSH levels with no opportunity for treatment with their own eggs, rightly feeling abandoned.

good AMH level for IVF is anything within the range of normal for a woman under 38. However, looking at what are the AMH levels in an individual is only part of the diagnostic process.

IVF with low AMH Levels

The probability of success with an in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle largely depends on a woman’s ovarian reserve and her ability to produce a large number of high-quality eggs in a cycle. Low AMH, as well as abnormally high FSH levels, suggests a compromised ability of the ovaries to produce a good number of high-quality eggs, denoting a relatively poor fertility prognosis and low probability of success with IVF.

Very low AMH, usually considered AMH below 1 ng/ml, has been associated with extremely low pregnancy chances and many IVF centers flat out deny treatment to women with such low levels of AMH. At Welling Homeopathy Clinics, we have noticed that even women with undetectably low AMH levels (below 0.01 ng/ml) can still conceive naturally and successfully carry pregnancies to term, if given proper customised treatment following the HART treatment for LOW AMH.

But for you, the goal is getting pregnancy and for which low egg reserve is not an important factor. What is important for you is improving the quality of your eggs that you can achieve using three simple activities.

Do Regular Exercise

Cutting calories coupled with exercise is a scientifically proven strategy to add more life to your body. Remember that eggs are life creating materials and therefore any deficiency of vitality and energy in the eggs render them ineffective.

Calorie restricted diets and regular exercise enhances your cell metabolism, rejuvenate and bring vitality into your eggs. Hence, changing your dietary regimen and adapting to a new lifestyle with exercise should be the first line of corrective measure to increase AMH levels.

Treatment for LOW AMH

Meet our doctors for a detailed assessment and to know how HART treatment can help you get pregnant naturally in 6 months and can be an alternative to IVF or Ayurvedic treatment for low AMH.

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