Male Infertility Treatment

Male infertility “issue” is found in 30% of couples, and a contributing male factor is involved in 50% of couples. Besides being the cause of the problem, another reason to evaluate men for infertility is that it may be a symptom of significant but otherwise silent disease.

When a couple is facing infertility problems, a fertility specialist will check for male infertility first. Male infertility is easier to test for and diagnose; infertility in women is usually more complicated. The first thing s doctor will do is to ask the patient about his medical and sexual history, and then the doctor will perform a physical exam. If everything is normal, the doctor will then schedule the male for semen analysis, which will check the man’s sperm for several different properties. The most obvious thing to check for is the number of normal, moving sperm, referred to as concentration, morphology and motility. Some medical conditions can cause a man to produce irregular or deformed sperm that are not capable of fertilizing an egg.

Sperm analysis will also check for the concentration of the semen. If the sperm is physically normal, infertility may be caused by the man’s seminal fluid being too thick or thin, preventing the sperm from reaching the egg. The volume of ejaculate will be measured as well. Another medical test for male infertility requires doctors to use a hamster egg to test if the sperm is able to penetrate the walls of a female’s egg.

In Homeopathy male infertility is usually treated in three ways. The first way is through medicinal therapy, dietary advice and nutritional supplements. These medications can boost sperm count, and fight infections that can compromise the health of the sperm. Some conditions, such as obstructions are first investigated regarding the duration and the cause of obstruction and are usually treated with medications, but may need surgery too.

Commonly fertility specialist advice assisted reproduction techniques as first treatment option. The sperm is combined with an egg through in-vitro fertilization (IVF) or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). IVF involves combining healthy sperm and several eggs together in a Petri dish, and letting the sperm naturally fertilize the egg. In ICSI, the sperm is inserted into the egg with a needle. This method is usually used when a man’s sperm is immobile and unable to fertilize an egg on its own. At Welling Clinic, we encourage natural conception, hence we advise these artificial assisted reproduction techniques as last option, and which is usually not required at all after a Welling Homeopathy infertility treatment protocol.

There are many treatment options available for men who suffer from infertility. Couples who have been actively trying to conceive for over a year should schedule an appointment with their doctor to discuss the possibility of a fertility problem. Couples who are over the age of 30 should see their doctor after six months of unsuccessful attempts, because most women begin to lose their chance of getting pregnant in their mid-to-late thirties. An early diagnosis gives the couple a better chance of starting a family before the woman begins menopause.

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  1. Requested sir good evening. I have got married 5 years ago but not making a sperm contibility some low can u advice me or treat me to concieve my wife .basically sperm count is low .please reply me as a rgent to meet u and hope to have a baby in future soon

  2. Respected sir, i am sehdev from udhampur,i have one testis since my birth
    now i felling pain in my testis and itching in my penis and my sperm is like water and my urine is acidic also
    i have done a course of royal gold capsule but my condition is not good ….sir can u help me plz snd ur sugestion on

  3. Respected sir, i am sehdev from udhampur and i am 22 years,i have one testis since my birth
    now i felling pain in my testis and itching in my penis and my sperm is like water and my urine is acidic also
    i have done a course of royal gold capsule but my condition is not good ….sir can u help me plz snd ur sugestion on

  4. chandrashekhar kashiram acharekar

    the cost of your treatment is quite expensive. can I pay it monthly like Rs. 3000/- monthly for six months? and another query is that in ayurved first panchkarma is done for purification of body and then starts actual medicines for better results. does homiopathy suggests this things?

  5. Mera sparm count.bahut kam hai.1 sal pahale 75%.. Usake bad 40%.aour ab 20% hai…muze koi dawa ka suzav de….jisase mera sparm count.90% tak pahuch jaye…

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