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Abnormal Sperm Morphology : Speciality Treatment For Men

Teratospermia refers to sperm morphology defects. Normal forms should be atleast 15% of all sperm count as per Tygerberg-Kruger’s criteria or minimum 30% normal of sperm count as per WHO criteria is termed as Teratospermia. Hormonal defects, testicular pathologies like trauma, infections or tumors, Varicocele and raised reactive oxygen species levels are the major factors affecting the sperm morphology. If the cause is known then treating the underlying condition helps.

Many infertile men have sperm samples which have low sperm counts, with poor motility and many abnormally shaped sperms. This is called oligoasthenoteratozoopsermia.

When the laboratory checks the semen under the microscope, they analyse the sperm shape ( whether the sperm are normally shaped or not – this is called their form or morphology. ) Ideally, a good sperm should have a regular oval head, with a connecting mid-piece and a long straight tail. If too many sperms are abnormally shaped (round heads; pin heads; very large heads; double heads; absent tails) this may mean the sperm are abnormal and will not be able to fertilise the egg. Many labs use Kruger “strict ” criteria ( developed in South Africa ) for judging sperm normality. Only sperm which are “perfect” are considered to be normal. A normal sample should have at least 15% normal forms (which means that even upto 85% abnormal forms is considered to be acceptable!)

Why do we worry about abnormally shaped sperm ? A lot of men who have a normal count of 50 million per ml with 98% abnormal sperm often ask me – I have 1 million normal sperm – why can’t I get my wife pregnant ? After all, I need only 1 sperm to fertilise the egg ! This is because abnormally shaped sperm are not capable of fertilising the egg, because they do not function properly. And if 98% of the sperm being produced in the testis are functioning abnormally, the fertilising ( functioning) ability of the remaining 2% sperm is bound to be suspect !

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Sometimes the cause of teratospermia is an underlying disease like Celiac disease. Metabolic and hormonal imbalances are common culprits, as they can interfere with the process of sperm maturation, and may create abnormalities like unusually large or small heads or malformed tails. The doctor may recommend some tests to learn more about the situation, in addition to reviewing the patient’s chart for any signs in his medical history that might provide clues. In other cases, it may be difficult to determine why the sperm are malformed.

Treatment of Teratospermia ( Abnormal Sperm Morphology ) is available at Welling Clinic through our advanced infertility treatment protocol which include, in addition to customised homeopathic treatment, advise regarding nutritional supplements in exact quantity to be taken for permanent cure of  abnormal sperms.  While our Infertility treatment protocol will help in the treatment of  abnormal sperm morphology, it will also boost the total sperm count and sperm motility.

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