Medicine To Increase Sperm Count

Medicine To Increase Sperm Count at Welling Clinic involves our specially formulated Homeopathy treatment for Azoospermia. In the last 12 years, our Homeopathic medicines for azoospermia have successfully helped men with zero sperm count to father their own child. We have had satisfied husbands from more than 84 countries.

Can Azoospermia Diagnosed Wrongly?

One important point concerning this diagnosis is that although no sperm are found in the ejaculate, there are often usable sperm found in the testis, as not all sperm that are made in the testis actually make it into the ejaculate. There is a “threshold” effect with sperm production, such that if production of sperm is high enough in the testis, then sperm “spill over” into the ejaculate. However, if that critical level of sperm production is not met, there may still be mature sperm in the testis that do not make it into the ejaculate. This concept is the basis for the statement that “sterility may beget fertility.”

Causes for Azoospermia

Conditions that cause azoospermia are listed in Table 1. If at all possible, treating the specific condition that is causing the azoospermia may reverse the process and lead to sperm production. This is especially true for azoospermia due to hot tubs or hot baths or testosterone supplements. In other cases, such as genetic infertility, this is not possible and assisted reproduction offers the best solution to family building.

Azoospermia can be caused by a variety of conditions, these include:

  • A blockage in the genitalia, also known as “obstructive azoospermia”
  • An infection within the male reproductive system
  • Injury to the genitalia
  • Effects from surgery to the male reproductive system – including effects from radiation and chemotherapy treatments
  • Genetic causes
  • Other potential causes include: undescended testes, Varicocele, medications such as steroids and antibiotics, excessive alcohol consumption, and illegal drug use

Does Azoospermia Have Any Symptoms?

semen analysis will be required in order to complete a no sperm count diagnosis. However there are a few symptoms that are recognized in relation to having abnormal semen. Symptoms of abnormal semen can include semen that has an unusual color quality such as yellowish, greenish, red or brown tinted (blood may be present in the latter two), semen that is thicker or thinner in consistency, ejaculate has a strong odor and/or is of a low volume.

Where Can I Go To Receive Azoospermia Treatment?

Visit one of our Homeopathy Clinics or consult our specialist online for a detailed assessment to know if the treatment can help you with our medicines to increase sperm count.

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