Treatment of Blocked Fallopian Tubes To Get Pregnant Naturally

If you have blocked tubes and want to get pregnant naturally without surgery or IVF, then you are at right place. This is the only natural treatment, we know of, that can open blocked fallopian tubes without surgery and help you get pregnant naturally.

See our specialists at any Welling Clinic in India or order online instantly from the link above.

In the last 20 years, we have helped over 7,850 women from 108 countries to get pregnant naturally with blocked fallopian tubes without surgery or hormonal medicines.

It gives us immense pleasure to state that we have up to 66% success rate in helping women get pregnant naturally with blocked fallopian tubes after 1-3 cycles of our Homeopathy Assisted Reproduction Therapy.

When you start your treatment early to open blocked fallopian tubes, there are high chances that you will get pregnant naturally without any artificial treatments.

At Welling Clinic, we have pioneered the natural homeopathy treatment of blocked tubes, to help you conceive naturally. Talk to  our specialists today to know if you too can conceive naturally.

How To Unblock Blocked Fallopian Tubes Without Surgery?

Yes, Homeopathy can open blocked fallopian tubes and help you get pregnant naturally. Our custom-made specially formulated Homeopathy Assisted Reproduction Therapy from Welling Homeopathy Clinics is proven to work even when both fallopian tubes are blocked.

  1. We have experience of 18 years and we are the largest infertility Homeopathy Clinic in the world,
  2. We have developed our custom Homeopathy treatment for blocked fallopian tubes to make Homeopathy faster,
  3. 12,350 couples have been benefitted from over 108 countries,
  4. 88% of patients have not even visited our clinics, but consulted & ordered medicines online,
  5. After an average of 2-3 cycles, we get over 74% success rate with helping women suffering with blocked tubes get pregnant naturally.

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homeopathy Treatment of Blocked Fallopian Tubes

“Thanks for the great service. Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free!”
– Beena M. ( Mumbai )

What Are Blocked Fallopian Tubes?

Blocked Fallopian Tubes is a very common cause of female infertility and one of the scariest diagnosis to be told of, for a couple, when confronted with a difficulty in conceiving. Unfortunately, it is a condition that you would not know until you try and then fail to conceive. Only when you are unable to conceive for quite some time, the specialist will prescribe an HSG (hysterosalpingogram) test that inspects the shape and ductility of your fallopian tubes.

How Blocked Fallopian Tubes Affect Fertility

Many people do not know that blocked tubes can be the cause of infertility in many woman. If an egg and sperm meet in the Fallopian tube to fertilize, then a blockage might prevent them from doing so. Without treatment it is impossible for someone with two completely blocked tubes or one partially-blocked tube to get pregnant naturally–the risk of getting ectopic pregnancy will be high because they’ll have trouble going through their obstruction on its way into the uterus where it’s supposed to implant inside.

What Are The Symptoms of Blocked Fallopian Tubes?

Many women with this form of fertility problem have no noticeable signs or symptoms, but for those who do experience them, it’s often chronic pelvic pain. Often they don’t realize their fallopian tubes are blocked until they consult a doctor for infertility and other forms of birth control stop working due to changes in hormones.

What Causes Blocked Fallopian Tubes?

In order to have a baby, your ovaries need an egg and sperm. Sometimes the tube that connects your vagina with the uterus gets clogged up or damaged, which makes it hard for you to get pregnant. Getting surgery can put more scarring in between these two organs making them unable to work together anymore; this could be from infection like chlamydia/gonorrhea (common STIs) or any other type of medical intervention such as appendicitis causing inflammation on one side preventing eggs following through normal passage into womb for fertilization by healthy partner’s sperm cells.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, or PID as it is more commonly known, can also travel from the cervix through the uterus to the tubes. The delicate inner lining of these organs may become permanently scarred and blocked in some parts of their anatomy if untreated for a long period of time.

If you have been diagnosed with blocked tubes you may have wondered is there a treatment for this condition. How can you conceive at the earliest in a most gentle and a harmless way?

Wonderful news to share with you Dr.Komal. I got HPT positive today.  I am pregnant finally after 6 years. I am really thankful to you for treating my blocked tubes within 4 months. – Sheena Joseph, US

How Are ‘Blocked Tubes’ Diagnosed?

A HSG (hysterosalpingogram) is commonly used to establish whether your tubes are clear – or not – by flushing a water-based dye through both tubes. This creates an X-ray image of the flow of the dye which shows the dye either spilling out the end of the tube, or being blocked and unable to pass through.

The way that the dye spills into the pelvis when it exits the tube can be revealing also, the ‘spill pattern’ can reveal possible areas of scar tissue or adhesions where the dye pools in pockets.

However, an HSG can only tell if your tubes are clear – or relaxed – enough for fluid to pass through. A HSG cannot tell whether the tube is functional, whether the cilia waft the embryo along vigorously enough, hold it at the appropriate place for the right amount of time and secrete the right nutrients for healthy embryo development. A clear HSG does not mean that your tubes are working optimally, it just means that they are clear.

It is very common for tubes to be blocked in some way, shape or form. Tubal factor infertility is very common and has various causes and manifestations. A frequent cause of blocked fallopian tubes is current or historical pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) which can cause inflammation and scarring within the tube long after the infection is cleared. Active infections can be subtle and hidden making accurate diagnosis tricky.

Homeopathy treatments for tube blockages are ideally suited to tubes that spasm, are prone to mucus plugs or are intermittently blocked. If there is an infection, initially homoeopathy treatment is essential to stop the progression of the disease, then the treatment for the blocked tubes has to be started.

If a tube is suffering due to scar tissue, adhesions and damage due to a historical infection, Homeopathy treatment can sometimes help immensely. Some women have had pregnancy success naturally even when the blockage was thought to be severe. We have had few cases in the past decade who had been diagnosed with severely blocked tubes and advised to pursue IVF – which failed – who went on to conceive naturally after some months of Homeopathy treatment.

I was diagnosed with blocked tubes around 12 years back and after trying surgery and 3 IVFs when everything failed, we stopped all treatment. But now after 12 years, I conceived naturally all thanks to you all doctors of Welling Clinics. I feel we wasted last 10-12 years and should have consulted you, doctors, earlier.Zeenal .M ( Hyderabad )

Natural Treatment of Blocked Tubes

Be sure first. The most important thing in this situation is to be absolutely sure that you have tubal blockage. There are hardly any concrete symptoms that indicate tubal blockage. Constant abdominal pain, history of ectopic pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases might be indicative of blockage but not conclusive of it. Irregular periods indicate ovulation problems but not blocked tubes.

Do the test. There are two kinds of tests ( HSG and intra-vaginal ultrasound) that can conclusively determine tubal blockage. The intra-vaginal ultrasound scan is scan of the uterus and ovaries done by inserting a stylus into the vagina. The normal ultra sound scan that is done on the lower abdomen is not conclusive in this case.

How blocked are your tubes? Tubes might be in various stages of blockage. The cause of blockage determines its severity. If you have had a previous ectopic pregnancy of ruptured appendix, the scar tissues left behind might block your tubes partially. However, if your tubes are twisted from birth, then it will be a complete blockage.

Can I still conceive? In most cases, a woman with blockage in one tube can still conceive naturally if she has no ovulation problems. However, if both tubes are blocked, then you need to go for a comprehensive treatment preferably a natural non-invasive treatment like Homeopathy or invasive surgery.

IUI & IVF  Artificial insemination doesn’t work in a majority of tubal blockage cases. Even if IVF is the chosen route to conception, the health of the tubes are still important. If a tube is infected it can contain toxic fluids accumulations – called a hydrosalpynx – this fluid can leak into the uterus making conception difficult even with IVF. Any tube infections must be thoroughly evaluated and treated before pursuing IVF which sometimes requires removal of the tube if a hydrosalpinx is present.

Can You Unblock Fallopian Tubes Naturally?

Yes, exactly, Homeopathy can unblock your fallopian tubes naturally, without surgery. Homeopathy Assisted Reproduction Therapy developed by the legendary Homeopathic specialist Dr. Welling is proven to unblock fallopian tubes naturally and help you conceive fast.

Even if you have severely blocked tubes, do not lose hope. Talk to a fertility specialist in your town to know about the latest treatment option for you.

You can get pregnant naturally with our Homeopathy treatment of blocked fallopian tubes without surgery.

We started treatment for my wife for blocked tubes, as she didn’t want surgery and wanted some painless treatment. We consulted doctors at Welling Homeopathy Clinic around 7 months back and last week I got the sweet news of my wife being pregnant. What a relief for my wife and me, Thanks a lot. – Ravi Shankar Mehta ( Singapore )

Getting Pregnant With Blocked Fallopian Tubes Without Surgery

The research team discovered a relationship between pregnancy rates and blockages near the uterus – those who have these blocks are much more likely to be able to achieve success through tubal ligation when compared against those without this issue. You have 66% success rate getting pregnant naturally with Blocked Fallopian Tubes without surgery with our speciality homeopathy treatment.

We understand blocked fallopian tubes can make it difficult to conceive naturally and your doctor may either suggest surgery or artificial treatment like IVF. But you can get pregnant naturally, even if you have bilateral blocked fallopian tubes with our custom-made Homeopathy medicines to unblock fallopian tubes without surgery.

Consult our specialist today for our natural Homeopathy treatment to get pregnant naturally with blocked tubes.

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73 thoughts on “Treatment of Blocked Fallopian Tubes To Get Pregnant Naturally”

  1. I am a mother of a six year old son and I want to become pregnant again, but the doctor said my fallopian tubes are both blocked. I am not ready for surgical process, what can I do?

      1. Hello my doc said both of my tubes are blocked what home remedies can I use but do not cost a lot of money? Please reply to [email hidden] thank u

      2. dear 35 + my both tubes blocked. 4 times done my IVF bt not success.. plz help me dr. pkz suggest me sone homeopathy treatment

  2. Is there any natural remedies for me to unblock the tube? I went for a Sonohystrogram and they said one side is blocked.

  3. My friend is a 25 yrs lady and is suffering from fallopian tube blockage (confirmed by HSG report). She has a history of two times miscarriege in last two years. What should we do now for pregnancy?

  4. sunamika setia

    hello dr i had two ectopic after 4 months of my marriage . In first ectopic my tube is blocked after 6 month i had second ectopic . In second ectopic they remove my tube . After that they advice me for IVF .than they remove my second after that i had done IVF FOR TWO TIMES . first done from max hospital dr kaberi banerjee and second done from dr anoop gupta , bangali market in delhi. after that two cycle failed . now there is no pregnancy . now i have no tubes . now u suggest what will i do. is there any treatment in ur homeopathy. so that i come. please advice me .

    1. Iam 36 year old,and got married 14 years ago.I am unable to concieve,beacause my both tubes were blocked.I have gone through leproscopic surgery for unblocking the tubes about 8 years ago.After that i got conceived but,it raptured in the fellopion tube,and my left tube got damaged.I got an operation for that,and my left tube got parmanently blocked.My doctor told me that your right tube is in good condition and you will conceive,but till now Ihave no conceivememt.I again got HSG,in that the result was that my right tube got again blocked.Ido not want to go through IVF.I want to be treated by homoeopathy,so please guide me.

    2. Had a ruptured ectopic pregncy 2 years ago and lost my left tube. Hsg confirmed tubal spasm in the right tube. Don’t want Ivf because it will require losing the remaining tube to prevent infection if successful. What can I do?

    3. Good day Doc

      I have been trying to conceive for about 5 years now and still no luck. however the doctor told me I hormonal inbalance and I suspect I have blocked tube because I keep missing my periods all the time and I only get them when I use oral contraceptive.

      Please advise

      Kind regards

  5. I have a 7 years daughter and I want a child again but I m unable to conceive. Is there any natural way to conceive?

  6. I am 35 years old. I had an ectopic pregnancy 3 years back in that I lost my right side fallopin tube. Thereafter I tried 3 times IVF treatment but it was failed. My left side fallopin tube is also blocked so and it is turned up as per x-ray report(HSG) . So can it be cured. Please advice me what to do. IF there is any chance to get pregnant naturally then I would like to visit to your clinic. I am staying in Bombay itself.

  7. please sir. I need an advice my booth tubes are not all that completely blocked. I did 3 times ivf the 3rd one was successful but after 3 months i lost the pregnancy through bleeding. My partner also has low sperm count, and I am totally confuse

  8. I am a woman aged 30 years and married for 3 years,i have never used family planing pills and i i have never conceived. i had gone for the HSG test and the doctor told me that my fallopian tubes are all blocked. is this a surgery case or medicine case

  9. Hi,

    My wife has an infection in one of her fallopian tubes, and the doctor said that it needs to be surgically removed, as she thinks that it is past the use of antibiotics.

    Do you think that there is a less invasive approach to treat this?

    Thank you for your help.

  10. Dear Sourabh,

    I under went a surgery for Endometric ovarian cyst and after the operation the doctor said that both my fallopian are blocked. However I was going through the below website and it says that through fertility massages and herbal fertility cleansing medication there are possibilities for the fallopian tubes to unblock and conceive naturally. Please advice?


  11. dear sir,

    am 23, i have block in the fallopian tubes. i am missing my period for last 4 months am not pregnant.

    we are waiting for a kid.can this block be cured by homeopathy or by natural remedies am really tensed

    please sir please help me.

  12. I had ectopic pregnancy last year..n my left tube was removed..I m married for 4 years now.

    I did hsg n my other tube is blocked..

    Doctor hv suggested thr any other treatment to cure fallopian tube

  13. Dear Dr,

    My wife is 37 years, we are married for the past 3 years. Both her tubes are blocked. We had a failed IVF cycle due to poor number of eggs(2) and quality of the same. We are anxious to have a baby. Is there a natural way to unblock her tubes and can she conceive without ART? Please do clarify

    Thank you for the help

  14. Dear Doctor,

    I am married for more than 2 years and now 29 yrs old. As per HSG test, my both tubes are blocked. Doctor did advance laproscopy, but could not help out. I have undergone 2 times IVF treatment during last 7 months. But the time could not generate pregnancy. I don’t want to do IVF again. Please suggest me any other natural remedy/ treatment.

    Thanks & regards


  15. Dear Dr.

    I had ectopic in Aug’12, causes to block my left tube, in last month i have done HSG test it says my right tube also bolock at fibral end, now doctor suggested that i have to go under tubal surgery, however rate of success for tubal surgery is very poor. please advise.

  16. i am 35 year old, had etopic pregnancy befor, which ended in me loseing my left falopian tube, and now the doctors are telling me the other one is block, what most i do, i dont want surgery, i am base in south africa

  17. I have blocked tubes diagnosed by a laparoscopy. Endo on one ovary. Normal ovulation. Failed IVF attempt. Please advise on natural remedy to unblock tubes. Thank you.

  18. Hi Doctor!! I am 26 years female with one fallopian tube blockage that is left fallopian tube with hydrosalpinx. So please suggest me how can i conceive. Please I really need your help

  19. HSG report shows I have blocked fallopian tubes. Corunal blockage in proximal end for one and in mid-third for the other. I am 37 years old and have a 14 year old son. I had 1 miscarriage 7 months back in the 5th week. There was a suspected miscarriage 2 years back. I want to heal myself naturally and that too very soon. I do not want to miss this cycle also. My other reports are fine. I am on cycle day 4. I ovulate between cycle days 11 and 17. Urgent help needed. HSG was done on last cycle day 9.

  20. We have mailed all above queries to your emails in detail – Though many of you have already started the treatment and conceived with our treatment, those who have not checked, kindly check your email .

    With warm regards,

    Team – Welling Clinic

  21. Hi there,

    I have been married for 3 years and trying for a baby. I went for some tests and the doctor said one of my tube is blocked. Can you advise me on any natural remedies to help clear the block? Any other advise is greatly appreciated.


    1. Dr.
      Meri wife ka dono tube block hai
      4 sal pahle tubercolosis ho gaya that Jo an thick hai . swath he10 sales pahle aendix ka opretion bhi hua that. Abhi age 26 sal hai . kya tube khul sakata hai

  22. Help I’m 24 With No Kids One Of My Tubes Are Blocked Been TTC For About 3yrs Now & Tired Of Spending So Much $$ I’m Losing All Hope Are There Any Home Remedies I Could Try To Better My Chances.

  23. hi doctor,
    I am 24 years old,i have been married for years,still not yet conceive.
    doctor said both the tubes are blocked,i am ready to do a surgical process,can u please give me some advice.

    thank you

  24. Hi ..I just come to know that my wife both tube are blocked. Pls suggest any natural way to unlock these as we don’t want to go thought any .


  25. Hello there, I’m 29 years old, I have never been pregnant but was diagnosed with endometriosis aboutfour months ago, when I went back for my 6 week check-up my doctor informed me that I didn’t actually have endometriosis, it was a misdiagnosis, he did a HSG and discovered that both my tubes were completely blocked. We have been trying to fall pregnant for some time now with no luck, please advice on the next route to take, or what can help unblock my tubes naturally.


  27. we have 5 years of marriage and no child ?
    we do not want any procedure with doctor.
    how to open fallopian tube if block ?
    becauce we do not know its block or not ?
    without laparocopy or hsg any think else to know fallopian tube block?

    reply me
    thank you

  28. I am 39 years and suffer from both the fellopian tubes blocked. I had a laproscopy done but soon discovered that the tubes are blocked again. I am also diabetic and hypothyrodism. But both of these are in control and my endocronologist says there is no problem with regards to thyriod and diabetes.

    Kindly let me know if the tubes can be unblocked by some treatment and do i have any hope still..


  29. My left fallopian tube is blocked by build up fluid and have 2 cysts in the left ovary as well measuring 28×21 mm and 26x28mm is size. Just found about these ago after doing an ultrasound. have history of severe endometriosis and right ovarian cyst. The cyst was removed form right ovary about a year age. however, due to the surgery and size of the cyst my right ovary is not functioning. It has been about 3 months that I have been taking some homeopathic remedies. the remedies has regulated my period but has not improved my condition. The medicines that I take are: Aurium, Conium, Lachesis, secale, sepia and a big bottle of mixed herbal medicine.

    I just wanted to know if the homeopathic remedies would help my condition or not? do I need to change my doctor?
    I will be seeing my homeopathic doctor soon to change my medicines that specifically for blocked fallopian tube. But not sure if herbal remedies would improve my condition at all.

  30. Hi,

    We are married for 6 Yrs (No Children), After undergoing HSG last September, doctor confirmed that my wife has bi-lateral tube blockage on both the tubes. Please suggest us treatment to conceive without surgery. Her Age is 31 Yrs & Weight is 76 Kgs.

    Please suggest us

    Many Thanks & regards


  31. I’ve a sister who doctor said that has blocked fallopian tube from both the sides.she’s been to lot of places but in vein.please,let me know if you can help.
    Thank you.

  32. dear sir
    we have married 6 years before but we have no child , my wife has both fallopian tube were block. we have conformed it with HSG . We have taken the treatement of IVF . But it does not sucessful . Plz suggest us the treatement .Now we are very upset

    1. I feel your pain I recently had 2 cycle of ivf n wish I would have did the surgery in stead to unblock my tubes instead. I am so disappointed. All the best to u both.

  33. Hi
    My wife had 2 miscarriage ( an embryonic pregnancies) in last 2 years. and now as she was not getting pregant again so we got her falopian tubes checked and found that both are blocked.
    Is ther any natural way of getting them un blocked. or through some medicines.

  34. hi, my marridge ago 5 yrs and after 2yrs i know that my wife’s fallopian tubes blocked doctor suggest me for ivf but i want to another treatment.

  35. my hsa report follows as
    liq time 15 min
    spermetozoa present
    vis thin
    sperm count 78
    mot 30
    vol 2.0ml
    age 36yrs
    is this ok plz advise

  36. Hi, I m 35 yrs old n I hv a daughter who is 4 yrs old. M trying yo conceive from.last 2 yrs dr. Is saying tubes r blocked. I want to start the homeopathic treatment cn u email me in detail

  37. i am 25 years and i heard ectopic pregnancy,and operation has done. after then i have to go for HSG test it’s my fallopian tube as blocked. please email me…..THANKS

  38. Both my tubes are blocked so I did 2 cycles of ivf which both was BFN….. I am so disappointed n feel like I was forced into it out of desperation. I can’t afford another cycle n wish I would of though of the surgery before doing the ivf. I feel like some of these doctors give wrong advice to take your money. Is there any home remedy to unblock your tubes n if not do anyone know of a good inexpensive surgeon in the NY area. If so please email me @

  39. Right tubal blocage with a filling defect at its cornual and left tube good but been trying to conceive for d past one year,pls what can be taken to unblock tube

  40. hie HSG confirmed that one of my tube is blocked what do l do besides sergery so that l can get pregnant please help.

  41. Dear sir
    Last 2yrs back I got ectopic on left side .dr.told me right side tube condition is good iam trying get pregnant but still not yet .pls help me what to do. Iam 35yrs old.iam from bangalore.

  42. I m 28 yr old .i did 6 iui n 1 ivf which was faild. Dr. Says that i have one blocked fallopian tube. Is there any treatment for it in homeopathy?

  43. My sister is 34 and she wants to get pregnant paat two years .. doctors said she have fallopion tubes blockage and cannot get pregnant. Please sugget some home remedies. Thank you.

  44. My both fallopian tubes are blocked my doctor said B/L Tubal block fimbrial end. Counal end lt side tubercles seen on Ut Rest pelvis

  45. My both fallopian tubes are blocked my doctor said B/L Tubal block fimbrial end. Counal end lt side tubercles seen on Ut Rest pelvis. Please reply

  46. Dear Doc am 26 yrs old in 2009 i had an arbotion of my twins due to the fact that i was stil in school and agin in 2011 now am married tryin to get pregnant since last years but i failed and i went for check up so i was told my follupian tubes are blocked due to my second arbot was illegal and i was never beein cleaned afte arbort is there any remedy that you can provide me with form you clinic?

  47. dear 35 + my both tubes blocked. 4 times done my IVF bt not success.. plz help me dr. pkz suggest me sone homeopathy treatment

  48. Dear Dr. I an Natasha have had 2 tubal pregnancy where both my tubal are blocked. I have also done 3 times IVF but failed , my quest is can I still convince.

  49. Hi I have primary infertility since 5 years. Now doc did a diagnostic laparoscopy n concluded both tubes are blocked. Recently had an IVF….. That too failed. I am so depressed. Is there any treatment so that I can conceive naturally. Plz help

  50. Saraswati Patel

    dear Dr. I am 27 yr old and my husband is 32 yr. n completed 4 yr of marital life. in my follucular study sperms are dead in 4-to 5 hours after relation. pls suggest me why it happens and how it can be resolved.

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