One Mineral That Can Help You Conceive Naturally.

If you plan to conceive soon, its very important that you and your partner get just the right mix of nutrients. Unfortunately, far too many of us fail to provide our body with the fuel it needs to build strong cells and organs that are prepared for natural conception. And without these minerals, even if you try for artificial treatments like, there are high chances that even they will fail.

Along with these mineral, Welling Homeopathy Treatment for infertility can help you conceive naturally, at the earliest.

86% of pregnant women world wide are deficient in zinc.
A study found that 82% of pregnant women world wide are deficient in zinc. Low zinc levels in pregnancy have been linked to labour complications, low birth weight and premature delivery.

The Importance of Zinc

For women, zinc is important in helping your body utilize the reproductive hormones, oestrogen and progesterone. A deficiency can lead to hormone imbalance, abnormal ovarian development, and menstrual irregularity. When your body is low on zinc it also inhibits the metabolism of protein, which in turn can lower egg quality.

For a man, it can greatly impact the sperm count since zinc is found in high concentrations in the sperm. It is also needed to make the outer layer and the tail of the sperm. If a man is deficient in zinc, it can affect his sperm quality and quantity.

How Zinc Affects a Woman’s Fertility

In women, zinc plays a vital role in many key reproductive health areas including:

  • Egg production: a woman’s body needs a certain amount of zinc to produce mature eggs that are ripe for fertilization
  • Maintaining proper follicular fluid levels: without enough fluid in the follicles, an egg can not travel the course through the fallopian tubes and into the uterus for implantation.
  • Hormone regulation: zinc is just one of the minerals that the body uses to keep hormone levels (like estrogen, progesterone and testosterone) levels stable throughout the entire menstrual cycle. It is especially important during stage 2 and 4 of a woman’s cycle.

Low levels of zinc have been directly linked to miscarriage in the early stages of a pregnancy, according to The Centers for Disease Control’s Assisted Reproductive Technology Report which tracks the results of numerous fertility research reports being administered throughout the nation.

Here is another reason why women should get enough zinc: it can help to reduce the size of fibroids. Since fibroids are a cause of infertility themselves, doing what you can to reduce their size can help to make getting pregnant easier for some women. Taking just 30 mg of zinc a day may help to decrease the size of inflamed fibroids; thus increasing the chance for a pregnancy to occur.

How Zinc Affects Male Fertility

As important as zinc levels are to a woman’s fertility, it may even more vital to a man’s ability to get his partner pregnant. Considered one of the most important trace minerals to date for male fertility, increasing zinc levels in infertile men has been shown to boost sperm levels; improve the form, function and quality of male sperm and decrease male infertility.

When low levels of zinc are found in the male reproductive tract, a variety of disorders may present themselves.

  • Immature sperm: zinc is necessary in the creation of the outer membrane and tail of a sperm. Without it, the sperm can not mature to a stage that gives them the mobility and strength to make the long journey through the vagina, cervix and into the uterus for fertilization to take place.
  • Chromosomal changes: low levels of zinc may also be the reason chromosomal defects in the sperm which could cause a miscarriage even if fertilization and implantation do take place.

Zinc Missing from Today’s Diet
Zinc is one of those minerals that are absolutely essential to fertility in both men and women; yet research shows that few people these days get the right amount. One of the reasons why zinc is in such short supply these days is the average diet due to poor soil health, which fails to provide this important mineral. Heating and cooking can also reduce the zinc in foods by 50%. So it is important to eat foods high in zinc in their raw form. The richest source of Zinc is Oysters, but some easy to find and eat sources are raw pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds (look for tahini -sesame seed butter, as well).

Zinc Depletion Linked to Modern Lifestyle
It isn’t just a lack of zinc-filled foods that is sapping our bodies of this all-important mineral. Our modern lifestyle is too. Exposure to stress, pollution, alcohol and even cigarette smoke can also deplete our bodies of important zinc supplies.

Food rich in zinc includes mangoes, pumpkin seed and fish. Oysters, esteemed for their aphrodisiac qualities,are particularly high in zinc.

Food Sources of Zinc
Making sure to eat enough foods high in zinc on a weekly basis is important. Make sure to try to eat as many zinc sources as you can raw since cooking has been shown to reduce zinc content by at least 50%.

Lean meat, oysters, whole grains, nuts, pumpkin seeds, egg yolks, supplemental form – look for zinc acetate, the best tolerated and bioavailable form of zinc in a supplement. Stay clear from zinc oxide as it’s the least absorbent form of zinc!

Supplementation to the Rescue
If you have tried to eat enough foods high in zinc, but still aren’t sure that you are getting enough, try taking a zinc supplement (our whole food prenatal multi-vitamin has the perfect amount of zinc in it). Take about 15 mg per day under normal circumstances. If your doctor suspects a serious zinc depletion or your also suffer with fibroids, you may need to take as much as 30 mg. to provide your body with the amount it needs. Just be sure to also take a multi-vitamin containing copper (especially if using a higher zinc dosage), since zinc can cause a copper deficiency in some people.

Adding more zinc to your system may not guarantee a pregnancy, but it sure can help to ensure that you have all of the minerals your body needs to produce strong eggs and sperm and is prepared as best as it can be for the job of building a baby ahead.

In addition to Zinc, we also advice some more necessary minerals along with our speciality homeopathy treatment for faster conceiving. We have developed the exact combination of minerals and vitamins that can help you get pregnant faster and naturally.

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