Why Your Doctor Won’t Refer You To A Homeopath?

We often get a common question from our patients – If your Homeopathy treatment is so effective, why didn’t our doctor tell us about Homeopathy before? Why did he advised us to go through all painful treatments which were not only full of side-effects but also non-effective?

This especially happens with those who approach us after 2-3 failed IVF cycles or 3-5 failed IUI cycles. Now its difficult to know, why your doctor doesn’t tell you about Homeopathy, when most of these doctors ( atleast in India ) themselves take Homeopathy treatment for their family.

Recently we wrote a detailed article regarding this issue. Hope this might be helpful to you before you choose a better option for your family.

Click here to read the article.

3 thoughts on “Why Your Doctor Won’t Refer You To A Homeopath?”

  1. im 48yrs old still have no child as im having azoospermia, i have undergone various treatments, also i did a varicocele surgery but of no use, is there any hope under homeopathic treatment under ur supervision which could bring happiness in my life, at this age, my wife is normal, if u really think something positive can happen in my life please suggest.
    Thank u,

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