Homeopathy Treatment for Children

Homeopathy treatment of children from Welling Homeopathy Clinics is an effective treatment alternative for recurrent cold & cough, gastric problems like low appetite & constipation, breathing problems and allergies. The Welling Homeopathy Treatment for children can be very useful for many of the more chronic and more serious problems that occur in childhood.


Homeopathy Treatment for Children
Homeopathy Treatment for Children

Now a days we find at least 8 out of 10 kids who repeatedly fall ill. It can be as a result of weak immune system, bad hygiene, poor nutrition, repeated exposure to infections, allergy or hypersensitivity or as simple as catching infections either from an unwell family member or schoolmates as a result of being in confined air conditioned environment of school or extracurricular activity classes. In today’s life you can’t get rid of this environmental factors completely. Only rescue you have is improving your own child’s immunity so he / she can be protected from such troublesome illnesses.

Effects of Childhood Illness

The influence of a child’s daily sickness or disorder on a whole family and even on a whole class of schoolmates can be enormous. It becomes a matter of worry as they are dependent on you for multiple things, in young children progression of disease is very fast and may lead to grave complications. Child below 3 years of age can’t even explain what is bothering him. If a sleepless child begins to sleep through the night, the parents can be better rested and better able to deal with the day’s problems. If a disturbed child settles and becomes calm then the learning experience of the whole class can be improved.

Whenever we look at children’s health it’s never about current health, quick fix with allopathy drugs or antibiotics. Coz these approach can relieve child from discomforting symptoms at that moment but cannot assure you of their good health following intake of such medicines. Again making them have these bitter medicines or injections is a task. Only parents who are going through this can understand this agony. Our experience says children who are suffering from repeated illnesses and who received one after other allopathic medicines tend to turn more irritable, cranky and violent as compared to their peer groups.

Homeopathic medicines on the contrary definitely relieves acute condition, but even ensures better immunity and good health even after an acute episode of illness. When on treatment children will never experience appetite loss, infect will start eating well if they are not doing the same. Kids and more than that parents love sweet homeopathic medicines due to no fuss for taking medicines. Homeopathic medicines are well appreciated since centuries for not having any troublesome side effects.

There are certain conditions like asthma, allergies and recurrent colds, tonsillitis, adenoids, behavioural disorders ADHD, learning disorder, slow child, skin illnesses, weak digestion and poor appetite, bedwetting, white patches etc. where homeopathy has assured scope to cure the illness and improvise on general health.

Homeopathy Treatment for Children

Finding the best homeopathic medicine for any individual is a matter of seeing the clear distinguishing pattern in the individual. In adults this is often complex and difficult because they have learned to hide symptoms. In children the picture is often right in front of the doctor as the child demonstrates their pattern with vivid behaviour or speech. But to make child comfortable with doctor and understand their innocent language is an art.

We have some of the smartest and the best doctors in the city, specially trained to look after paediatric problems and dealing with kids in their comfortable zone. You can experience goodness of homeopathy with speciality of welling Homeopathic clinic for you and your child at our various centres across Mumbai. If you are unable to commute or stay away from Mumbai you can avail our online facilities.

Gift your child a happy, healthy and disease free life.

Visit Welling Clinic or consult us online for a worry-free parenthood with speciality homeopathy treatment for children.

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