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It's Time To Start The Healing Process

We are sure you understand, only chemo and radiation are not going to cure cancer, it's just going to be life long cycle after cycle of treatment. Probably that's all you knew till today.

Our cancer centre in Mumbai uses Immuno-knifeTM Cancer therapy, a Homeopathic, non-surgical treatment developed by Homeopathic cancer specialist Dr.Welling to halt cancer cells.

We believe, a combination of our Homeopathy treatment along with your conventional treatment like surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy can help you manage your cancer better.

Why Step Out? Or wait for appointment. Consult Dr.Welling,M.D. online, fill the form below, upload your reports and complete the video consultation with Dr.Welling. Get started with your treatment at the earliest. Cure is possible in the early stages of cancer. In advanced stages, we maintain and improve the quality of life and palliate the symptoms.

Dr.Welling Homeopathy

7 Homeopthy Clinics in Mumbai & 16 Full-Time Doctors To Help You Get Cured Naturally.

We Help You Fight Cancer Naturally.

Our specialty treatment for Cancer is based on the 200-year-old lesser-known Homeopathy principles. With an experience of over 17 years, we have consulted 8250+ patients globally.

ImmunoKnife Homeopathy Therapy 

A specially formulated Homeopathic cancer therapy by the legendary Indian Homeopathy Doctor, Dr.Sourabh R.Welling.

We know how it feels when you or your loved one is diagnosed with Cancer. That is the reason we want to be with you, in your journey to fight cancer, in every way possible. The only specialty Homeopathy treatment, we know of,  that can be helpful even along with other treatments. It is time to turn to Welling CUREplus Treatment for Cancer.

Homeopathic CUREplus Medicine

It’s the main part of the cancer treatment protocol, which is arrived at after a detailed interview for a 360 degree understanding of the present health condition and past health history which is further analyzed through our unique CUREplus treatment protocol.

Homeopathy Organ-Specific Medicine

This is a supporting Homeopathic medicine, specific to the organ affected by cancer. This medicine helps in further detoxification and elimination. But this medicine is not required in all the patients but only in highly progressed cancers in patients with very low vitality.

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