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Indian residents should see treatment cost in Indian Rupees and Non-Indian residents should see treatment cost in USD. If you don't see the right currency, you will see it right when you put your address on the next page.

Be a part of 50,000 + satisfied patients from 100+ countries.

Welcome to the online consultation & treatment platform of Welling Clinics, the internationally awarded clinic for quality in healthcare at Geneva, 2012. Now get the benefits of our tried and tested Homeopathy treatment protocols for your health problems.

Getting dedicated senior Homeopathic consultants for your online treatments makes all the difference between getting cured and suffering more At Welling Clinics, we have mastered the technique of offering online consultation and homeopathy treatment to any part of the world through our state-of-art treatment platform.

With an experience of 17 years in the practice of authentic Homeopathy, we deliver the most authentic experience of getting treated through our homeopathic clinics in Mumbai. This service is supported by Welling Healthcare Private Limited, an ISO-9002 company and being awarded the Best Emerging Healthcare Company.

Address of Shipping India Out-side India
Monthly Payment Rs. 3000 US$ 225
3 Months Rs. 7500 US$ 497
12 Months ( Most Popular ) Rs. 20000 15000 US$ 697
24 Months ( Most Economical ) Rs. 30000 24500 US$ 1350

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