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Our speciality treatment for Vitiligo is based on the 200-year-old lesser known Homeopathy principles. With an experience of over 16 years, we have consulted 2250+ patients globally. 

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Have You Been Missing, An Authentic Homeopathy Treatment

Have you been getting treatment that is temporary and mostly ineffective? Its time to turn to Welling Homeopathy. The only treatment for vitiligo, you will ever need. We are so confident of our treatment, that unlike other clinics, we don't lock you for months or years.


Vitiligo on Lips

Vitiligo on lips is the most difficult for treatment and usually the last to get cured. Being easily visible, its most distressing ...

Vitiligo on Eyelids

Vitiligo on eyelids can be resolved in a time duration varying from 7 to 9 months. It can take more time depending on ...

Vitiligo on Face

Vitiligo on face is the second most distressing area of vitiligo and needs urgent treatment to maintain your confidence ...

Vitiligo on Hands

Vitiligo on hands is one of the commonest and also the easiest to recover through our treatment protocol ...

Vitiligo on Abdomen

Vitiligo on abdomen is not seen to public, so patients come at an advanced stage for treatment, which delays the recovery ...

Vitiligo on Legs

Vitiligo on legs also is the commonest & also one of the quickest to recover, if our treatment is started early...

What Our Patients Say ?

"Having suffered for the last 12 years and changing doctors every year, I finally got recovery happening in my white spots. I am 75% recovered and I am super confident of remaining 25% to go."

Mohd. Naseem - Mumbai

"My child of 12 years got white spots on eye lids and lips some 4 years back and have been taking treatment from Welling Clinic for the last 5 months. All spots but one, are all gone, thanks to Drs @Welling"

Snehal Banerjee - Kolkata 

"I am being taking treatment for the last 3 months for leucoderma and what I liked most about Welling Clinic, is they don't lock you for months or year. I take monthly treatment  & I am very satisfied"

Vikrant Sinha - Mumbai

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