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Why Welling Homeopathy?

Welling is a dedicated speciality Homeopathic Cancer Clinic in Mumbai with patients from over 108 countries. [no_toc]

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In-house Trained Homeopaths

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Helped over 1250+ patients

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Re-engineered Speciality Homeopathy

Simple Affordable Pricing

We offer affordable cancer treatment that is natural, painless and supports other treatment along with it.

Early Or Advanced Stage of Cancer

This natural treatment works equally well on both early and advanced stages of cancer as curative or supportive treatment.

Proven To Work

Having helped over 1250 cancer patients as a supportive and curative treatment

Best Homeopathy Doctor


Multiple awards received, both nationally & internationally.

Safe, Fast and Natural

Our medicines are completely safe and natural to stimulate your body to heal itself.

What Patients say

More than 1250 cancer sufferers have been benefitted by our treatment in the last 12 years. We have advised and helped patients from over 108 countries and all major cities of India. Meet Dr.Welling or our senior consultants today for a detailed evaluation and study.

Welling Homeopathy Treatment is an effective alternative Cancer treatment to chemo and radiation therapy, specially developed at Welling Clinics, to check the cancer growth naturally and prevent recurrence. If you start today, you get

  • Cost-effective treatment that works,
  • Assurance of award-winning clinics,
  • Personal care with global quality,
  • Expert doctors at every Welling clinic

Meet our specialists before starting any treatment to know more about our 4 step  CUREplus Homeopathy Treatment, as alternative to chemo and radiation therapy.

If you are trying to find a natural Homeopathic alternative treatment for cancer,

Meet Dr.Welling or our specialists at any clinic for a detailed evaluation and assessment to know how our treatment can help you or your loved ones.

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