Treatment of Haemophilia

Treatment of Haemophilia at Welling Homeopathy involves a specially developed treatment protocol which includes customized homeopathic medicines for complete painless recovery.

Haemophilia is a hereditary genetic disorders that impairs the body’s ability to control blood clotting, which is used to stop bleeding when a blood vessel is broken. It means  blood cannot clot properly. An affected individual may bleed spontaneously or for longer than a healthy person after injury or surgery. A haemophiliac does not bleed more intensely than a person without it, but can bleed for a much longer time The condition is passed from parents to their children and is more likely to occur in males than females.

People with hemophilia are born with it. It is caused by a fault in one of the genes that determine how the body makes blood clotting factor. These genes are located on the X chromosome.

In general symptoms are internal or external bleeding episodes. People with more severe haemophilia suffer more severe and more frequent bleeds, while people with mild haemophilia usually suffer more minor symptoms except after surgery or serious trauma. Most characteristic type of internal bleed is a joint bleed where blood enters into the joint spaces and person complains of joint pain, tingling and irritation in joints. In Children, their first symptoms are often frequent and large bruises and haematomas from frequent bumps and falls as they learn to walk. Other symptoms includes blood in stools, in urine, unexplained nose bleeds, gum bleeds, tightness of joints.

Complications of Haemophilia are:
– Internal bleeding leading to numbness and pain in limbs.
– Joint damage and deformity.
– Intracranial Haemorrhage

Though there is no cure for haemophilia,it can be controlled with regular infusions of the deficient clotting factor. Giving treatment to stop prolonged bleeding when it occurs and medication to prevent bleeding episodes.

The homoeopathic medicines helps individual by enhancing the body’s ability to response to the injuries in terms of faster wound healing and thereby  reducing the time of bleeding. Medicines reduces the frequency of bleeding episode. The resistance of body increases to reduce the other hazardous effects caused by deficient factor.

The symptoms of hemophilia could be helped by homeopathy, as there are many remedies known for helping with bleeding tendencies.

Few of the Homoeopathic medicines to reduce the symptoms of Haemophilia are:

– Arnica : Haemorrhages. Condition arising from injuries, falls, blows and contusions.

– Carbo veg: Blueness,coldness.Haemorrhage from any mucous surface.Fainting easily, weak.

– Lachesis : Marked Haemorrhagic tendency,bluish purplish appearance.left sided

– Millefolium :Blood bright red, Haemoptysis, nosebleed, bleeding haemorrhoids.

– Phosphorus: Haematogenous jaundice, blood extravasations. Chilliness.

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