Treatment of Lipomas

Treatment of Lipomas
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 Treatment of Lipomas at Welling Homeopathy involves a specially developed treatment protocol which includes customized homeopathic medicines and speciality dietary advice.

Lipomas are the most common soft tissues tumor , slow growing, benign fatty tumors form soft lobulated masses enclosed in a thin fibrous tissue.

They are usually movable and generally painless.

Lipomas are found at any age mostly after 20 yrs

Sometimes malignant transformation can also occur.

Causes of Lipomas

  • Genetic factors – chromosomal 12 rearrangements
  • Minor injuries also triggers growth of a lipoma leading to post- traumatic lipomas.

Lipomas occurs in 10 % of population

Symptoms of Lipomas

  • Lipomas along respiratory tract – leading to difficulty in breathing.
  • Undiagnosed lipomas in oropharynx – difficulty in intubation.
  • Intestinal lipomas – leads to classic obstruction, intussusception hemorrhages or volvulization.
  • Lipoms in intra articular spaces leads to joint dysfunction and joint pains.
  • Lipomas occurs frequently in breast due to fat deposition.
  • Lipomas occurs along vulva – usually becomes pedunculated and dependent.

Biopsy , plasma- d levels , radiological and pathological procedures can be done.

Complications of Lipomas

  • Subcutaneous lipomas are commonly cosmetic issues.
  • Lipomas in other locations causes obstruction or hemorrhages and required removal.

Allopathic treatment of Lipomas

  • Biopsies can be done.
  • Endoscopic procedures for excision of tumors in upper GI tract.
  • Surgical therapy

Homeopathic treatment of Lipomas

Calcarea carb, sulphur, belladonna, thuja Is been administered in cases of lipomas.

Scope of homeopathy treatment in Lipomas

  • It helps in reducing size, growth and pain of lipomas.
  • It helps in preventing the progression of condition.
  • It also helps in preventing furthermore complications like obstruction or hemorrhagic conditions.
  • Helps in softening the consistency of lipomas so that they can be easily movable.
  • It also prevents the tendency for Lipoma Formation  .

Common homeopathy medicines for Lipomas are  Lapis alba ,Thuja ,Calc-Flour

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